Man Tearfully Calls for His Wife to Wake Up After She Was Killed in an Accident

Man Tearfully Calls for His Wife to Wake Up After She Was Killed in an Accident

I found this video very painful to watch. Desperate husband calls for his wife to wake up after she was killed in a road accident but she’s not answering. Ambulance and police were at the scene but could not tear the devastated husband from his wife. He was hugging and shaking her, tearfully begging for her to wake up but there was nothing anyone could do to bring her back. Life shattered in a split of a second.

The accident happened on January 27, 2013 on Via Chico Mendes which I believe is a road in Rio Branco, capital city of the state of Acre in Brazil. 24 year old Wellington Barbosa de Oliveira rode with his wife Darci Kararai Linhares on a motorcycle when he was frightened by a sudden maneuver of a police car coming from the opposite direction and trying to pass a semi truck. That made Wellington Barbosa jerk his motorcycle and rear end another motorcycle operated by Reinaldo Rodrigues.

The impact caused them to crash and because Darci Kararai Linhares did not wear a helmet, she fatally fractured her skull landing.

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127 thoughts on “Man Tearfully Calls for His Wife to Wake Up After She Was Killed in an Accident

  1. I had a similar reaction when I ran out of booze last Friday, except it was my wine bottle that I was shaking as I attempted to get the last few drops down my throat.

    • If thats what you want to believe, good luck to you. I don’t believe in fairytales or imaginary friends, thats why i live a happy care free life where i can have fun and not worry about being judged or being punished for doing something that god may be upset about even though he apparently gave us free will

  2. And he’s going to live knowing if she had worn a helmet or if he had not tried to pass the truck, she would have had a chance. Hate to say but he may end up on Bestgore again.

  3. I almost started crying when he was trying to revive her with true loves kiss. Buy sadly this is not a fairy tale and the lack of common sense with safety precautions will be considered next time, but I have a feeling he will probably hang himself with the guilt.

  4. [email protected] on said:

    This is pretty damn sad. I feel for the guy really. However, I think that all people that ride motorcycles are stupid and risking there lives and limbs on a daily basis. I mean, hows does driving a vehicle with a freaking 60% chance of falling off and cracking something NOT concern anyone?
    Every time I see a motorcycle mauling or death all I can think of is “FUCKING STUPID IDIOTS.”

    • Great .. Does that mean I need to go find a little brown man to give a fuck about me? Brown folks are born with fewer of the genes that cause you to be an acute narcissist/ sociopath? Pretty sure if my cheating , self loving, manipulative boyfriend was laying sprawled on the concrete, I would be waiting for the clouds to part, rays of sunshine to bathe me and a calm peace to come over the world. Fucking prick, I hate him more everyday. Life insurance would console me nicely.

      • Whoa, you obviously have a lot of negative shit going on in your life @Nurse_loulou, so sorry, I hope things start looking up for you soon.
        Sounds like the best thing you could do for yourself is to dump the bastard that appears to have caused you so much grief and anger!!
        Hang in there!!!!!

  5. Tugged at my almost non-existent heart-strings. Where can you find a dude like that? One that actually gives a fuck if you’re dead or alive?! Maybe its time I throw some flip-flops on and head to Brazil…

  6. This really make me feel weak in the knees! I have seen lots of tragic shit while growing up in Mexico City (and my uncles or cousins horror bedtime stories didn’t help at all, most of them being cops or soldiers) My wife looks a lot like that girl when she sleeps… If someone killed her I would tear the bastard apart! I would vent my fury over weeks of torture! but in this case… who do you take revenge on? I would probably hack myself to bits for even putting her in danger, for being a loser and buying a bike instead of a car or for being too damn poor to afford her a helmet or a sturdy vehicle…. fucking gut wrenching!

    • @Tomandante by the looks of it you sir are a minority an I’m pretty sure you haven’t been to *new York* so in your case lets say * Los Angeles* I’m pretty sure you have been downtown in LA right and you know how crappy and full of cars it is to get around it.. So lets say you live where this poor bastard lives the only transportation that really is reliable there is that death machine with 2 wheels or * crotch rocket* and yes many people are poor there and if you were riding in a car it would take you forever you might as well walk like many do that’s how crowded the streets are and if you are like many beaners walking is the easiest thing you can ever do but if your a lazy sack of shit that tends to bitch and cry about walking a mile then stick to the car I assure you you will take more time waiting for the traffic to pass, and no robbers don’t give a shit if you are on car or on foot if they see a foreigner with money you know you will get robbed eventually.

      • Well down here in Mexico CIty I am a majority but anyways Mister or Miss. #2 (I hereby deny you the right to an identity, do not befriend the cow you are about to consume right? C=)I have been to LA to NY. I know that down in South America it is convenient to use a motorcycle due to space constraints and budgetary reasons.I am well aware of stop light robberies ( and kidnappings and assasinations etc as opposed to the USA where you only get robbed or maybe shot if involved with societies rejects urban tribes or gangs) I tried to grasp the later bit of your reply but it makes no sense. What does foreigners with money, racist remarks and Brazil have to do with anything? do you know if crime is an issue in the town or city where this individual lived? But anyways my dear #2 like I said, putting racial stereotypes that only exist in the US: I would blame myself no matter what (my motorcycle, traffic jams in L.A. robberies at a stop sign, the money a foreigner has in his wallet, racial stereotypes) since I really love my wife. You see, my cousin went trough something like this, his wife died and he blames himself despite there was nothing he could have done, he would have probably killed himself by now if it wasn’t for his family. Anyways enough of my ranting :) for such reasons I drive an old town car modified (and sadly tested) to crush even an SUV like a soda can. Anyways remember mister or miss #2! wear a helmet and or your seat belt!

        • I think I get it now! correct me if I am wrong and please excuse my bad typing, remember you are just a number so I get lazy ha! You thought I was generalizing, thinking that people in Brazil might be able to afford a car just as easily as folks in the US and that I thought like many in developed nations (but with an undeveloped mind, which tends to be blamed on minorities in the US whether it is based on solid evidence or not) that a car offers protection against everything life might throw at me right? Bad paraphrasing, my bad. I meant to say that no matter what I would blame myself for such a tragedy, that is all.

          • @Tomandante O.O my dad has 99 Chevy suburban you know what that means is if I’m ever in a head on collision with you,you would be the first one to die and me just a broken nose xD this is one of the reasons why one should buy a truck or SUV that is not lifted up but high enough. Vehicles now adays are made of cheap Fiberglass that is worthless and has no protection. I’m actually a guy I’m just using the chick ghost avatar because I thought she looked cute O_O

  7. Tell you what, having seen three people die in person and watched death a plenty on Best Gore and other videos around the web, this still made me choke up a bit. I guess its due to never seeing the reaction of loved ones, we only see the actual accident. Mind, that other video with a Russian dashcam where a brick went through the window and killed his wife, that shit got to me too.
    It is sad and from what I gather it wasn’t exactly his fault and whilst in this case she did fracture her skull, as another user pointed out helmets aren’t always the safety net you assume. As a downhiller, this is all to true. She probably had other injuries, but the point stands in this case one could have saved her.

    However, its still upsetting to watch him with her. As pointed out, life changed in the blink of an eye.

  8. A man who loves his wife…that’s something unusual…

    I think most guys would be like “Wow! Thank god she is dead, and not a paraplegic who would require me to bath her, and clean her, and feed her everyday”. Males are assholes.

    • @ Brazilian_NOTDASILVA:
      I had a very fucked up dad haha, and the ideas he tried to teach me about relationships and woman were well: disgusting! that actually helped me to become a better boyfriend and husband! Not all males are assholes! they are either joking or they lack balls to go against an alfa male or just plainly suck at life and blame it on their wife. I am an asshole and a psychopath if you may, I love weapons, I have quite a net of people willing to do some “work”, I worked at a slaughterhouse in the killing floors and I enjoyed not the killing, not the blood but the fact that I became stronger and stronger in every aspect every second I spent in there. Yet I still treat my wife like what she is: a treasure and I understand how fragile her and my life are! but then again do not blame all males! we all have different stories: some got cheated on, some married too early etc. Have a legitimate great day! :)

      • @Tomandante, I (as a female) want to thank you for loving and having respect for your wife.
        Just had to say that because in this day and age, having a good loving relationship extend through your life until the day you die is a very rare and wonderful thing indeed.

  9. meh. the daughter carrying around her mothers severed head was worse than this…its just his wife, he;ll get another one, do you know how much pity pussy this guy is going to get telling this story…

      • @1girl1cup xD you too when I was watching this video I’d hate to sound like a dick but it was cheesy as fuck -.- i cant stand seeing break ups especially when they make a huge scene DX every time i watch one it reminds me of my mom and my dads relationship my mom is a huge bitch and she has trust issues she tends to think that the old bag cheats on her with different women and everything she says has to be right -.- I always have to see my mom bitching and crying loudly when my dad *often threatend to leave* and eventually does what I feel like doing is slapping the bitch in the face and tell her to calm the fuck down. I’m pretty sure one if you has seen this before right O.o ..?

        • Some people are hurt inside so more than numbness to stuff like this, is hate or pain getting in the way being masked as “this is pussy shiat, this is akward or pretty funny! look at that faggot crying like a damn dying cow over a bitch” I know this because my nation is full of people with this problem (and consequently; filled with narcos looking for excuse to feel human blood in their hands) I was like this too (same shit with my parents until me and my old man ended up beating the shit out of each other, I enjoyed it)

          • @Tomandante you caught your old bag sleeping with your women didn’t you O.o ..? I say you get back at her by sleeping with her mom or her sister which ever one is hotter.

  10. OK, this made me cry. On Best Gore, we usually see men murdering their wives, but this guy loved his. I know I’ll be laughed at, but this video reminded me of one I saw on YouTube of a stray cat in Turkey trying to “wake up” his cat companion in a parking lot after she was run over by a car she was lying under. He finally gave up and just lied beside her. Both videos, the human and cat ones, tore at my heart. The hell with you all who think this video is funny.

    • i didn’t quite cry (i’ve still yet to watch anything that will actually make me shed tears), but this was extremely heartwrenching. all i could think about while watching that video was if it was me crying for my husband to wake up D: i can only imagine the anguish that man must be going through. i think some people just forget that there ARE loving couples out there.

        • @Buffsmom, It touched me deeply and made me cry also.
          To cry at something that tugs at your heart strings like this simply says that your a sensitive human being that is in touch with your feelings and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          • In all honesty after I read the description I knew I would cry so I turned the volume on mute, it was still heartbreaking to watch. Especially seeing him putting her arm on him to hold him. :,(

  11. I’m portuguese, understanding what he is saying makes the video even more painfull. In the beggining he’s saying “honey, babe, please wake up” but he soon breaks and starts waling “oh god, oh evenly father why god why” and “please take me too”. Hearbreaking.

  12. I hate how it has gotten to the point to where people just stand around and take pictures and record video. Where is the sympathy or the compassion? People are just getting worse. It’s really quite sad. I feel for this guy and may his wife rest in peace.

  13. There is always risk vs. use/joy in a thing. Yes, alcohol kills me but too slow for me to care. Motorbikes are so dangerous that it is just not worth it.

  14. Interesting, I sense the same feelings from this man in this post and another post some time ago. The post with the daughter that went hysterical in the street with her mothers head in her hands, after road accident, attempting to put her head back on her dead mother, somewhere in Mexico. Peaceful dreams wished for that female then and for this male now.

  15. Coming from the country and having slaughtered animals on the farm since I was a kid, i consider myself to be a hardened man. I can sit and watch your beheadings all day and not even flinch. Why does this bring tears to my eyes, to watch him grabbing her arm to put around his waist is heartbreaking…

  16. ” my love… my love… please wake up”….”Heavenly Father.. why tell me why”….”My love… my love… please wake up my love”… “My love… I love you… my love…” Truely sad… RIP

  17. This just broke my heart. I can’t imagine the agony he is feeling. You know when you do something and your gut just drops and you’re like “what have i done, this can’t be real?” I bet that’s what he’s feeling only 10 fold.

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