Man in Wheelchair Struck and Killed in Brutal Hit and Run

Man in Wheelchair Struck and Killed in Brutal Hit and Run

At 8:45 p.m. on June 10th, 2015, Michael Wright, age 48, was crossing US Route 301 at 17th street in Sarasota, state of Florida, USA. The crossing light was apparently still yellow when Michael was crossing. Barely halfway across, a car hits him and flips him up into the air.

According to eyewitnesses. Michael was thrown 100 feet and scattered down the road along with the broken pieces of his wheelchair as well as the grill of the car that hit him, which never stopped. Wright was still alive when police arrived and he was taken to hospital. However, he succumbed to his injuries the next morning. Police are asking for help from the public in identifying the vehicle and driver.

Thanks to MrsPink for the video.

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      1. Fuck that guy, most of the homeless in Sarasota think they get the right away every time they cross the road. Looks like this guy wanted to play frogger and had his ass handed to him, HAH. Fucking spice heads.

  1. Fuck that idiot on the wheel chair. This handicap idiots think the world should stop spinning just because the’re handicap and yet they demand to be treated equal as anyone else. I live in Los Angeles and this handicaps cross the street whenever the fuck they want. I can’t count how many times I had to stop on a green light cause one of this Idiots are crossing on a red light. Being Handicap does not mean you take advantage of the traffic laws. Same thing with fucking cops. They run red light all the time and brake traffic laws. They cause alot of accidents. TO SERVE AND PROTECT. what a bunch bullshit.

    1. That reminds me, I saw an ambulance do that the other week. I was stopped at a red light and it crossed through oncoming traffic and caused an accident. It had it’s sirens on but the traffic was flowing to quickly and no one had enough time to give way.

      1. i saw a cop get T-Boned badly cuz he thot he was above the law., my buddies in the car said to get the fck outta there cuz we were ? cut., i agreed butt before i did i gave the lady that hit him my phone #., sure enough months later her lawyer contacted me cuz the fckn Dirty Pig was trying to spin the tale to make it her fault.

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  2. Just because lights have just turned red doesn’t mean you should drive through like a maniac ignoring any pedestrian or vehicular stragglers. Always be vigilant, a red light doesn’t mean it’s safe to go.

    1. The driver probably wouldn’t have been in trouble for hitting Mr. Wright since Mr. Wright wasn’t crossing with the light green (thus becoming Mr. Wrong), but then the driver committed a felony by leaving the scene of an accident. The driver either was drinking/drugging or just plain panicked and took off.

      1. It was raining that night, and Malik Hakeem Shabazz Clyburn told traffic homicide investigators with the Sarasota Police Department that he hadn’t seen Michael Wright in the crosswalk until it was too late. Shortly before 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, the 19-year-old’s 2012 four-door KIA Optima sedan struck the 48-year-old Wright as he crossed U.S. 301 in his wheelchair at 17th Street.
        The case was made more tragic when Clyburn told police that he was related to Wright.

        1. I live in Plant City Florida. My uncle and sister were involved in car accidents in the same week neither their faults (both hit and runs). Last week a guy got hit by a car on his bicycle and the car fled the scene. Now that I finally have a cellphone maybe I can get some bestgore footage some day.

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