Man with Head Run Over by Truck

Man with Head Run Over by Truck

Well, on a plus side – at least he’s got no chance to come back as a zombie. That’s got to count for something.

I have no background info on these photos so can only comment on what I see. Obviously, the man had his head run over by a truck trailer. What he was doing out on the road in the middle of the night and why was he not paying attention, I do not know. He wasn’t even wearing flip flops.

Trucks have the ability to reduce a human skull to a bloody mush, but they’re still not macho enough to destroy the eyes. Fucking eyes are hard core.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Man with Head Run Over by Truck”

  1. If most women only knew what a mans head looks like squashed they might be more forgiving of a intact mans head regardless of current celebrity driven physical demand.

    I, myself, being a reasonably attractive man, feel strongly against women who compare us to the hunks on TV, hunks being a subjective notion and a non comparative physical association based upon environmental and social inclinations.

    I therefore suggest a return to old in what we look for, an appreciation of intellectual worth, happiness from psychological self fulfilment and a reasoned attitude for physical demand, one based upon actual life and not out of the extraordinary.

    I am therefore glad that this man’s eyes survived for his eyes are a gateway to his soul and therefore I look past his squashed exterior and concentrate on his spirit, his was a life that lived and even a truck cannot take from him that fact.

      1. @Obliterator, you are right, we are the last to bare witness to these wretched souls and it is up to us to inscribe worth, to dictate right from wrong, and only we, from are own experiences, can conclude the relevance of these passing souls ends for which we continue to survive, a slight distraction for ourselves is a complete and utter end utterance for the dead and decomposed, we should feel proud to speak for the dead.

  2. The eyes are some tough motherfuckers.

    I think the only thing on your (or a guys) body that’s stronger is the testicles. They take loads of pressure to pop, about 120lbs per square centimeter if I remember right. If you know the correct answer, please correct me if I’m wrong..

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