Mexican Man Killed by Hit and Run Driver

An Unidentified Man Was Killed by Hit and Run Driver in Distrito Federal, Mexico

Mexican Man Killed by Hit and Run Driver

A man died after being hit by a car while walking along the streets of Colonia Agrícola Oriental in Iztacalco, Distrito Federal, Mexico. The driver fled the scene, which is not untypical for Mexico. It would be very unusual if the driver didn’t pull a hit and run.

According to accounts by eye witnesses, a car traveling at excessive speed hit the man and fled the scene without as little as slowing down, leaving the man lying in the street. The man died instantly.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Mexican Man Killed by Hit and Run Driver”

  1. I’m curious about the damaged tyre net to the guy. Did it come off the vehicle that hit him? Fucking hard to control a car down on a rim, especially whilst making a speedy getaway (but it can be done, as any fan of car chases knows).

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