Monywa Gatekeeper Casually Owns Two Motorcyclists

Monywa Gatekeeper Casually Owns Two Motorcyclists

You shell not pass!

Monywa is a town in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. What you see in this video is a Myanmar style toll booth. In the beginning of the video, a motorcycle stops to pay the toll and the gate keeper opens the gate for them to pass. Seeing that the gate is open, a bicyclist coming right after the paying motorcycle and a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction attempted to sneakily squeeze through without paying. The gatekeeper didn’t think so.

The fact that those two were coming from opposite sides at the same time negated the force each of them individually would exert upon the gate. It was pure brilliancy how the gate keeper owned them both with a single swing of the gate. Better yet, the gate bounced and returned to the gatekeeper like it had a mind of its own. Awesomeness personified.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. @nuvosordo-props to you! I searched for 4 fucking hours for exclusive content to submit and I couldn’t find ANYTHING!!! Close I came to was a police shooting with an almost riot and black people going crazy in San Francisco, but the damn cop was standing in front of the body and all you could see was a puddle of blood. Just didn’t think it would entertain my BG fam very much. 馃檨 I would like to see more from the US. So my search continues but damn it’s hard! So fuck the haters!! I appreciate any submission that makes it on! Hope I get lucky! 馃檪

        1. Agreed, time and effort went into it which is duly appreciated. Nice to see people trying hard to keep us watching our beloved carnage. Keep it up Juicy, I’m sure you’ll find something for us. 馃榾

    1. Ying Yang, True Bestgoreans share the wealth by submitting interesting, thoughtful, funny, and yeah- sometimes bloody links (and some of us don’t get mentioned *cough* me *cough*). If you don’t like the video, then you can skip it, or better yet; fuck off.

      1. and Boom goes the dynamite! TheJew just served it up…

        I think the video is appropriate for this audience. Now, if it would have been a clip of a cute cat twitching in its sleep, I’d see a reason to fuss then.

        1. Hey, sometimes Grumpy the Judge Dredd Cat manifests as TheJewMinator, and when that happens- it’s judgement time.
          The lesson here is that, bitches indeed get stitches.
          I am just happy that Mark is actually considerate enough to reply to our comments and to use our link submissions, irregardless of the shout out or not. It’s the internet and no one owns what’s publicly shared.
          So thanks Mark for your consistent hard work and consideration…now, about that finger to ass penetration porn pic…nah, I’m just pulling your leg. This is an amazing site, made even better with the resent speed boost.


          1. now that would be a funny video! my cat does the same thing, but with my feet. I’m glad you like the new pic, easier to see that I’m a lady and no muscle man. @brokeback

      1. We all need to get dash cams, helmet cams, walking cams or something appropriate for the mode of transport each of use use, then there would be no shortage of ‘exclusive’ content 馃檪

  1. Janus was the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions, the gatekeeper for heaven, and was often depicted as having two faces, therefore smiting two cheating little cock limpets would be child’s play to one such as he.

  2. Ching and Chong were riding along, as they flew through the gate they heard a loud gong.
    Chong asked Ching if he was okay, but Ching was pissed off because Chong did’nt pay.
    So Chong said to Ching “I don’t give a fuck”, next time you’ll listen when I tell you to duck.

    1. LOL, I swear I can see colors when I read you comments, Broke. Shit, you comments are pure genius when you are high on Oxycodone. You are a crazy white person, did you know that? You probably already did.

    2. And I thought I was the BG poet for all my little caption this photo contest limericks.

      BB, I bow to your superior skill my good sir. Anyone who can transform what we just saw into a Cheech and chong poem proves himself a worthy bard.

        1. I have compiled a short list of some BG members I?d love to see back on the comment section. Starting with:
          Rotten Stench (dunno, I might have seen him on a resent post; but I have the memory of a gold fish, so what gives)
          Drexel (this guy is epic)
          BIG JOHNSON
          Alex from 1Guy1Cup (just thinking about him makes my asshole hurt)
          And fuckin’ Tulio_Hermil, if it wasn’t for this guy, I would have never become a BG member in the first place.

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