Motorcycle Accident Lands Man with Eye Popped Out of His Socket

Motorcycle Accident Lands Man with Eye Popped Out of His Socket

Motorcycle Accident Lands Man with Eye Popped Out of His Socket

A young Indonesian man earned himself an eye pop-out by getting involved in an accident. I see a motorcycle next to him and a lone helmet on the ground so I’m assuming that he may have been riding when he was hit, but that could be incorrect. He also may have been a pedestrian struck by a passing vehicle – not enough info to tell for sure.

He probably has a few bones in his face fractured but it is the eye dangling out of the eye socket that’s of main concern. Witnesses stopped a passing truck, loaded the victim on the bed and took him away, presumably to a hospital. Nice to see people looking out for one another.

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186 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Lands Man with Eye Popped Out of His Socket”

  1. I wonder if he can still see out of that eye like one of them crazy goggolley eyed lizards? Not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe a fast track emergency evolution adjustment to better see future oncoming traffic. Ah nature, such a beautiful thing.

        1. When I was a vet tech, quite often we would get small dogs in whose eyes had been popped out. Breeds like Pekingese, Chihuahua, and Lhasa Apso.

          The vet told me that more often than not, because the optic nerve is stretched so much when it pops out, they lose most, if not all, vision in that eye. I would assume it’s the same for people.

          It would be pretty cool if your eye was popped out and swinging around and you could actually see out of the eye still. πŸ˜€

    1. I was just wondering the same thing! I had 2 questions after watching this video:
      1.) Can he still see out of the eyeball that is protruding?
      2.) Is it possible to save it?!

      1. In reply to LilMissSunshinexo The eye as we have seen many times on BG are quite tough, providing the optic nerve and any other nerve fibers that connect it to the back of the brain are in tact. They may be able to save it, as a matter of fact a mate of mine, got eye jabbed in a club years ago, it looked similar. Unfortunately my mate, lost the sight in his eye over 18 month period..

        1. Thank you very much! I appreciate it. Trust me, I know all about the nigh indestructible eye but besides the stuff I’ve learned on here about eyes I haven’t really done much research on it myself. What a bitch it’d be to end up with your eye dangling outside your head…

          1. Ah come on @Sunshine ,ya have to look at it in perspective.He’s got a great advantage to see up his own nose and scope it out for boogs before they can be seen by anyone else and taken care of before he becomes the laughing-stock or envy of his friends, depending on if your homies eat them or (S)not!

          2. Hahaha!!! @Sagemoon I can definitely relate to that being as how frickin’ short I am! I’m always the first one to notice the boogs in someone’s nose and it always completely distracts me from whatever conversation were having at the time. Sorta’ like in Austin Powers when he can’t stop looking at that mole! “Moley, Moley, Moley, Mole! Moleeee!” LMAO!

    1. That much strain on an optic nerve could cause blurred vision I suppose, but I believe he was preparing for it to fall out. As if his experience wasn’t traumatic enough, imagine watching your distressed eye rolling down a street gutter.

  2. A long while back I met a fellow in a pub that had a glass eye. Said something like this here had happened to him. Went into surgery and they chopped her off. Damn bastard never blinked the one eye. Just stared a little bit to the left of yah the whole time you talked.

    1. My grandpa had a glass eye from being shot in the head when he was in the army. He did the same thing. Never blinked the one eye and looked kinda cross eyed, but it was crazy freaky when he’d take it out.

    2. My cousin had a glass eye after his was poked out with a stick. Whenever we’d go out to eat with him he’d turn his normal eye towards his ear while his glass eye looked straight on when the waiter would come to take our orders to fuck with him hahaha it was so fuckin’ funny!

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          1. That’s more like it @SoS, I thought you were starting to get all soft on me. Next you would be saying how you would slow down when you kicked his one eyed ass out of Booger in front of the ER.

      1. @Obli wanna go on rad road trip with me and Booger. hahaa we’d have to put Booger on big ass corvette rims with offroad 32″ Cat tracs cause his stickies are too soft for lottsa mileage. he’s be one greasy lookin baddass heap of 780 horses πŸ˜‰
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  3. Eye aye eye..poor guy guys eye..that looked very painful..i hope they were able to save the eye..if not i hope he gets a cool glass eye…eye wonder what happened to his eye in the first place..hmmm..

          1. God I know! Every time I watch a new episode I’m left lusting for more!!! I’m sad it’s already the mid-season finale though because after next week we’ll have to wait until January to watch it again. Wah!

          2. Oh & P.s I nearly choked from laughing do hard when Mitch kept calling him “One Eye Bry” hahaha!!! I don’t know if you also watch The Talking Dead also but someone on there last night said that the Gov’na changed him name from “Phillip” to “Brian” because “Phillip has two i’s and Brian has one” LMAO

          3. Hey Sunshine! I know it sucks having to wait for January Something tells me the next episode will leave us with even more suspense! And i haven’t actually watched any talking dead. That can be my homework today. But have they talked about anything comming up? I think on the preview for the next ep is said someone was going to die, or fall, or something. So much anticipation! Damn holidays, i would rather be watching walking dead than frosty the snowman

          4. And sorry my reply is late, I only visit this site when I have privacy, so my window of opportunity is alwaysa little random

  4. If he loses an eye he probably wont be able to ride his bike anymore, impaired depth perception. There’s alot of motorcycles there. It must have been a big part of his lifestyle

      1. They also drive around like fucking retards. Ever see the show ” don’t drive here”? This guy goes to all these crowded poorish countries and tries to get his drivers there. Its fucking insanity the way these and millions of others drive!

  5. I spy a man with a dangling eye, why does it dangle, I’m not quite sure why. I would of shoved it up my nose for safe keeping and to keep myself from trying to lick all day.

    1. You are like a phantom bestgore bike recovery guy, if the site is anything to go by you’d get great business out in Asia. Or India. Or Brazil. Or anywhere bikes and idiots combine. God speed sir.

        1. Fuck you hate them cartel guys eh? Me too they are fucking scum. But I think you hate em the most.It would be awesome to have unlimited resources to go and systematically wipe them out with no law on how to do it.

          1. Only a damn fool would claim to possess a Confederate flag of such epic proportions. Even if one were to possess such a flag, how would we know for certain that it is an even workable flag at all, and doesn’t just merely fly at half staff on even the windiest of days? If you ask me, this @amnyc person you speak of sounds totally and completey full of shit.

          2. You totally read my mind. I bet he’s a half staffer. I’d still lock him up in my closet, though.

          3. Sometimes these flags fly at half staff through no fault of the owner, but rather an operator who lacks the required skills to get it to full staff. You’d be surprised what a couple of tugs on the pole and perhaps moistening it a bit can do getting a flag to its full potential. This of course should be done on a regular basis and not simply on Flag Day as some operators are known to do. Take care of your flag and your flag will take care of you.

          4. Sometimes these flags will fly at half staff through no fault of the owner, but rather a flag operator who lacks the required skills to get it at full staff. You’d be surprised what moistening it up a bit and a few gentle yet firm tugs on its pole can do in helping a flag reach its full potential. This should be done on a regular basis, and not just on Flag Day as some flag operators are known to do. Take good care of your flag, and it will take good care of you.

          5. yes but sometimes those flags are just so old and tattered/worn out that they do need to be retired eventually….you can only tug and moisten for so long before it simply becomes ineffective and time for a new flag!

          6. Just remember that when disposing of said flag, you either rip it to shreds or burn it before throwing it out. Otherwise one of the neighborhood women will salvage it from your trash and breathe new life into it. Restoring it to its former glory and proudly displaying it in her front yard for the world to see. Perched directly above her award winning rose bush, which stares you directly in the face everytime you exit your house.

  6. Well fuck that for a game of soldiers. I bet that fucked his day up. At least his glasses will be half price now. What a random injury, it’s hard to think of circumstances where your eye gets squeezed from your head but your brain and skull aren’t fucked and you aren’t dead. Unless you work in the Chinese Labour camp equivalent of Wonka’s chocolate factory. All sorts of shit going down in there I bet…

    1. Yea I’m still wondering how this fucker managed to pop one eye completely out of his head while the rest of him looks intact. How does this shit even happen?!

      1. I’ve no idea @lilmiss, but I would love to see a recording of it happening on a high speed camera, to truly understand the mechanics of it. And cause it’d be fucked up to watch. What more reason is there?

  7. which browser do you guys use? cause when im on google (jewgle) chrome the top post it shows is the one of the inmate who gets his neck broken and on firefox it shows the newest which is currently this one.

    1. I use chrome on my phone and every so often it stops showing new posts and won’t let me post comments till I’ve cleared my browser history, which is immaculate by the way…

          1. @stagedoor jonny
            he certainly does. hahaa the damn greasy sight of it reminds me of the god awful time mother stuffed cooked a greasy christmas goose that almost killed us at the table

        1. nah somethings wrong with google, they hate bg, i remember they rated it as the worst site on the web or some shit like that. theres a post about it here.

      1. Same here, thanks for the tip bro nexus four here,,a jewgle phone but it does everything and does it well. Haven’t bogged down ever. LG made so I like the setup.

  8. The guy who filmed this is a muslim, and a very stupid one lol He was saying a religious expression meaning “I beg forgiveness from Allah”

    What the fuck man, why would you beg forgiveness ?
    Because of a popped out eye ?

    1. Just shit scared of his kind and peaceful loving God, my perception of some Muslim extremists or even some regular Muslims is they treat their god like an abusive father who is gonna unleash the fury on them when he finds out they’ve been naughty after he gets home from work, and seek to appease him at any given opportunity.

    2. Laughing my fucking ass off!! You should see the fucling retard traitors in the documentary” my brother the jihadist” this white English guys step bro becomes muzzie and he re contacts him and documents it. Interesting documentary but what fucking retards!

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    1. That captures it perfect! When people talk to him, they will wonder if he believes a word they tell him with his expression. A pirate patch will cure what ails him

        1. Damn straight. Intrigue by the patchload. An eyepatch suggests the eye was lost in a fucked up situation, rather than removed surgically, and the story of how it happened would be worth hearing.

  9. Thus has to be the worse faceplaming I’ve ever seen..he must have found out his girl is a ladyboy or something…..’eye just don’t know what eye’m going to do…**crack**..hey eye see all now’!!..

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  10. … and he can not even cry.

    Seriously, it must be a hell of an impact to pop his eyeball, and he can find himself lucky for not having a hole in the back of his head.

  11. Come here mister Indonesian man..lemme pour some vodka on your creepy protruding eye ball…’ll only sting a little bit..i promise….kill those germs right off for you…

    1. Ment let me pour some of my vodka……ehh..on second thought Im not wasting any on that….fuck it..this ‘tragic’ accident probably happened because someone viciously splattered in his chatterbox and popped his ball out….

        1. Haha..if i was to pour would be rotgut hun..not my good shit…nom nom..i love me vodka…but I’m very tipsy right now….ugh..i might try to make out with that eye ball if i licked it right now….

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