Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting Donkey on Road

Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting Donkey on Road

Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting Donkey on Road

Poor donkey, he was just trying to share the road. At least he got to rest on a human cushion for a while.

The motorcyclist reportedly died after colliding with the donkey on the road. The fate of the donkey is unknown. The animal seems to be alive, although immobilized.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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133 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting Donkey on Road”

      1. Donkey are actually very friendly towards people. They are good for keeping coyotes away. Those dirt bags didn’t have to be rough with getting it off the road. If you can not drive with out hitting something the size of a donkey, roadkill was your destiny.

        1. what is our species? predators. They kill to live, we live to kill. Also what the fuck do you expect? a lion walking around eating fruits? a eagle looking for a healthy vegan diet? its literally how life is, if you cant handle it then leave it, pussy

          1. @niggersneednotapply Armpit? Lol love the name. Cincy and I were talking about how that’s all ppl ever comment on is dumb shit ei. ‘donkeys fuckin him in the ass’ and such, I went half way down the page and didn’t see anything so I was surprised lol.

        1. You’re right. It would appear at the beginning of the video that Seรฑor Donkey found himself a lover. Sadly that was not the case. A man with the IQ less than a donkey struck the poor animal. This video is a sad one indeed.

      1. The donkeys front left leg looked injured, and the way they were literally just dragging him i bet they did kill the animal. Its not fair, when you pull on a animals tail its like pulling on the spine, imagine someone yanking on your spine, Rip Donkey

        1. It was ironic on my part, I know well that it is the other mulatto with his idiot steering that had to want to put on the donkey face but could have asked the question inversely if the donkey would not have Wanted to knock him face to face since he had no helmet.

  1. I can watch people get their heads cut off, get tortured & shit, but i cannot watch animals suffer, or get killed anymore now that i,m older. The weird thing is that i use to go hunting, for deer and although it bothered me, i could block it out much easier in my younger days! Poor little Donkey was just doing what Donkey,s do, and walking around happy go lucky. But since the advances in Man, and machine, this poor thing has to suffer for it! Fucking Sucks! ๐Ÿ™

      1. What did animals do? If anything, they’re innocent. Humans are just useless, yea even me. We dont deserve animals, they’ve been nothing but loyal to us, and done nothing but instinct. Human instinct is just mating. That’s all we’re good for anyway.

    1. I assure you, you are not going to get much sympathy when that pack of Weiner dogs finishes you off. I would watch that on a fucking loop, daily. You are an absolute shit heel and I eagerly await news of your fitting demise.

      Let loose the (Weiner) dogs of war!

    2. Hindustan, you are an animal, as are all humans. Clearly not a very bright
      I don’t agree that humans are vastly more important than other living creatures.
      People are a running, pus filled sore on the face of this earth….

  2. After 4. 1,2,3,4 ” Little Donkey, little Donkey, on a dusty road ”
    All join in now, don’t be shy, it is the season to be jolly after all. And remember, the donkey played a central part in the Nativity tale. No Donkey, no baby Jesus.
    Btw, the bike guy can be Herod.

  3. Does anyone know if the poor donkey would be ok at this point? I fucking hate the thought of thinking that a defenseless helpless being would be left with no help. Do police respond to traffic deaths in that God forsaken place?

    1. Thank god that people like you actually exist. I really hope a human with a heart or perhaps the police took care of that poor donkey because his leg was broken. I really pray to god that he is ok. Fuck the piece of shit human that causes all these problems in the first place.

  4. One must assume that at some point these people felt it was correct to throw their less than appropriate conclusions. wait. How was that again?

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