Motorcyclist Struck and Killed by Runaway Truck in Pattaya, Thailand

Motorcyclist Struck and Killed by Runaway Truck in Pattaya, Thailand

On December 6, 2013, a woman on a motorcycle and was struck and killed by a truck on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya, Thailand. 56 years old Mrs. Kanchana had just dropped off her kids in school and while on her way home, she was knocked off the bike and run over. The truck fled with the only identifier being that it was blue in color.

Very unusual for a victim of fatal traffic accident to die with both flip flops safely on her feet. Her motorcycle barely sustained a scratch.

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  4. Well, that’s sad for her kids. I hope the police catch the person who hit her. I have a feeling they won’t…

    I like motorcycles. I know they’re dangerous, but I want one. I want a Harley-Davidson. I live in a rural area, and it doesn’t snow around here. So, I imagine riding a bike on a nice day would be a lot of fun, and relaxing, too.

  5. My friend and i wanted to get license for motorcycles over 50 cc and after i came to BG i simply quit.
    All that brain matters everywhere, cracked sculls and dead bodies…And i drive big scooter now, 90 km/h, enough.
    Not that i am scared by my driving safety, i am scared by irresponsible drivers around me. Especially cab drivers whose we call: “Cur”.

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