Motorcyclist Brutally T-Boned by a Van in El Salvador

Motorcyclist Brutally T-Boned by a Van in El Salvador

Motorcyclist Brutally T-Boned by a Van in El Salvador

CCTV camera recorded a brutal collision at an intersection in Col. Escalón in El Salvador whereas a van t-boned a motorcyclist, propelling him violently into a wall at the corner of the intersection. By the sound of it, the motorcyclist died despite the efforts of the medics to save his life. And it doesn’t even look like he wore flip flops while riding the bike.

It would seem that the crash was the motorcyclist’s fault because when a camera offers a shot from the side of the road from where the motorcyclist entered the intersection, you can see the stop sign there (I presume ALTO is STOP, right?). As a motorcyclist, he should have slowed down before entering the intersection even if he had the right of way.

Props to Best Gore member fraud guy for the video:

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41 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Brutally T-Boned by a Van in El Salvador”

  1. Why isn’t there an “alto line” and the word “ALTO” on the ground when there is a red “alto” sign? And that tree may have blocked some view of the alto sign. I’m lucky to live in America where there is safer traffic design.

    1. YEah and plus, there was not White line with STop on it… there was a white cross walk line for the other way…. so why was there a cross walk line there anyways since cars don’t stop or slow down that direction anyways.
      REASON: Third world people make Third world Streets.

  2. Looks like the white vehicle went through the stop sign. Even though his helmet flew off, it may have saved his life, if in fact he was alive when the paramedics picked him up. He wasn’t wearing flip flips, but boots, which also flew off.

  3. The thick white lines on the floor of the intersection were ignored by the van. The road which the bike was on didn’t have any lines, meaning the bike had the right of way. Also, in any uncontrolled junction, you have to give way to the right. As the bike was coming from the right of the van, it was the van’s responsibility to stop. The motorcyclist was clearly in the right here.

  4. According to the driver of the white vehicle @ 0:25, the guy on the motorcycle failed to obey the stop sign, making it impossible for him to step on his brakes to avoid the collision, he looks pretty shocked but still both drivers were speeding up pretty bad, RIP salvatrucha!

  5. Despite of being in El Salvador, nothing will save him.

    On a side note: this is what I call a perfect example of vectorial sum of forces! It’s exactly the situation of a house I keep in Urquiza street. I hope it never happens something like this but… shit happens.

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