Motorcyclist Collides with Van in Pattaya, Dies on the Spot

Motorcyclist Collides with Van in Pattaya, Dies on the Spot

Pattaya – the most blood soaked town in the world. Wherever you step, you’re stepping on blood stained ground, although rain and cleaning crews may have hid it from sight. Pattaya is a one way street – you may enter, but you’re not coming back except in a body bag. The twinky losers who live there and yap about how safe Pattaya is are already dead, they just don’t know it yet. The inevitable is coming.

This accident happened on February 26, 2013. A motorcyclist without any papers and without license plates on his motorcycle crashed head on into a van at high speed and died on the spot. The head on collision also shredded the motorcycle which is not a very common sight but it happens.

The van driver did not pull a hit and run but the scene clearly showed that the crash was the motorcyclist’s fault so he had no reason to flee. And yes, it was again one of those vans that transports passengers between Bangkok and Pattaya. The latter being the largest brothel in the world is the ultimate destination of loser, soon to be dead foreigners who should know better, but choose to ignore the obvious.

As Thai periodical put it: “Body of unidentified deceased was donated to the Foundation to maintain the brightness of the age in Pattaya…” LOL

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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14 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Collides with Van in Pattaya, Dies on the Spot”

  1. When i first got to the land of Singha. (Their beer)
    I thought it was great…
    We could rent motorcycles and jet skis and go para-sailing.
    After two hours and six dead thais and one dead american all the fun things were cancelled….
    So it was off to Bangkok for three days n nites of bliss…
    This was mid- 70s, and people were dying at a huge rate then…

  2. Does someone know the real and serious reason for pointers?

    I know asians think of us(Europeans, Americans) as dumb fucks.. but seriously they wouldnt think we couldnt find the dead body in this picture.. right..?

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