Motorcyclist Crushed by Truck Dies with a Pointer

Shirt and Shorts Almost Ripped Clean Off, But Not Quite

Motorcyclist Crushed by Truck Dies with a Pointer

Fatal road accident occurred on the afternoon of Friday April 5, 2013 at around 4:00 pm at Avenida Leste-Oeste in Mossoró, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

24 year old Fernando Jackson Ferreira Alencar of Frutuoso Gomes rode on a motorcycle toward São Manoel and rear ended a vehicle during failed overtake attempt. The bounce threw him right under the wheels of an oncoming truck that crushed him to death. Young man died with an epic pointer.

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40 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Crushed by Truck Dies with a Pointer”

  1. Unrelated to the post but Jewgle has listed Bestgore as having malware, even though it shows that there has been no malware hosted here. I wonder why they’ve listed it then. *rolls eyes*

    I wonder what that guy was pointing at?

    1. Not really surprised about that. They have to try to dissuade people from visiting sites that expose the lies. Can’t risk having people think for themselves.

    2. @INRTH; He was pointing at the guy next to him when the grim reaper should up. Usually they point to themselves and ask “Me?” This guy was a little more creative but it still didn’t work.

  2. I find the lack of flip flops distressing. I expect better of brazil. At least he was riding his bike like a traditional Brazilian asshat. No protection etc…

        1. @wickedmama, I’m sorry I made you think I am an arshole, I shouldn’t write any comment under weed, and if I cannot talk about black gorillas and chinadude, I will just shut up… My comment about mentmc was just a teasing, cause everybody jumped on her cause she was a single mom, but it wasn’t an insult or agressive at all, it was even friendly, maybe it’s a langage or cultural problem I guess, so a BIG sorry to you and to mtmc

    1. Well, at least brazilians don’t ignore accident victims and pass by as if nothing happened, as if nothing was there, like the chinese do.

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