Motorcyclist Dies with Arm Ripped Off and Chest Flayed

Motorcyclist Dies with Arm Ripped Off and Chest Flayed

This incredibly brutal accident happened on the BR-020 highway in Madalena, state of Ceará, Brazil. A motorcyclist violently collided with an unspecified object and suffered major trauma to the left side of his body. Compound fracture of his left leg is epic – one of the worst leg trauma we’ve ever seen, yet still it’s the least worrisome part of his misfortune.

The impact also ripped the motorcyclist’s left arm off at the shoulder, taking a chunk of chest and upper body skin with it. That flayed large portion of the ribcage, also damaging internal organs protected by it. “Brutal” doesn’t do it justice.

There’s no denying however that what made the yesterday’s video so horrific was the fact that the victim lived to experience his agony. The shreddage this motorcyclist experienced matches or rivals the damage of the truck driver, but it’s the fact that the motorcyclist did not survive that makes him just another road kill. Albeit seriously graphic. Surviving after being mangled beyond repair – for however little – must be the worst.

This video also gets special props for Da Silva dedicating much of the air time to his flip flops:

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  1. I know the helmet wouldn’t have kept him alive in this situation but notice there is not really any padding in the helmet.
    And if the helmet had a strap it would be around his neck. Or at least laying outside the helmet.

    Just can’t understand what safety means in Brazil.

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