Motorcyclist Dies Colliding with Truck, Motorcycle Burns Down

Motorcyclist Dies Colliding with Truck, Motorcycle Burns Down

This accident happened over Christmas time in Brazil but I unfortunately don’t have any further info as to where exactly. What’s seemingly obvious from the video is that the motorcyclist collided with a semi truck and died.

An unusual thing is that the motorcyclist wore safety helmet and it was properly secured so it didn’t fly off his head (or her head – can somebody tell if the victim is a man or woman?). A usual thing is that the motorcyclist wore flip flops and they did fly away.

The motorcycle caught fire and burned down, while the motorcyclist bled out with pelvis and knee broken. Merry Christmas. I’m sure glad it’s done with for the year. If I heard one more Christmas Carol, I’d start shitting tinsels.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Dies Colliding with Truck, Motorcycle Burns Down”

  1. Maybe it was a tranny! And I completely agree with you about Christmas, sooooo glad its over! Nice to see that things are still the same though, truck always wins vs motorcycle, and flip flops are agents of death.

    1. The driver would have better purchase on the motorcycle, between the handles, front brake, throttle, foot pegs, gear-shifter, and rear brake…

      Is it just me or does it look like he may have had his foot wedged between the right foot peg and rear brake? That would certainly explain why he was still on the bike, one leg (granted, badly mangled) still over one side.

      Since the driver was the *least* likely of the pair to fly off, I’m assuming the thrown–female–was not the driver.

      The only other scenario I can envision is distorted physics and cartoonish at best; they collided at such speed that bike and riders went significantly airborne, and somehow one of the riders landed right back on the motorcycle. (though that wouldn’t really explain why his limbs are akimbo on it)

  2. I recently made a long trip in brazil driving my car (2500km) and I could attest that brazilians are reckless drivers, certainly no better than asian drivers if you ask me. I would NEVER ever dare to drive this same course I did with a motorcycle – brazilian roads aren’t known for its security and conservation, let alone the others driving around you.

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