Motorcyclist Not Wearing Helmet Gets His Head Run Over

Motorcyclist Not Wearing Helmet Gets His Head Run Over

It’s another one of those Superman Thais who have a safety helmet, but are too cool to wear it, or fasten it on head securely.

The motorcyclist reportedly fell under the wheels of a passing semi truck and had his head run over. Reportedly, the motorcyclist wore the helmet, but it slid off his head when he fell. What good will a helmet do to you if you don’t fasten it?

The motorcyclist’s head shattered, fragments of his skull splattered across the road. The truck fled without anyone making note of its license plate.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Not Wearing Helmet Gets His Head Run Over”

  1. Even if he were wearing the helmet correctly I think that thing would have popped off or just crushed right into the soupy mass. I could be wrong but it seems as though almost all of the impact was taken to his skull.
    Helmet or not that guy wasn’t going to walk away.

    1. do you guys realize how motor cycle riders are the same? they go crazy when they’re driving their bikes, zipping in and out of traffic?

      and when you bump into them, or they bump into you, it’s always your fault?

      i fucking hate all these bike riders on the road,

      there’s just too many cars on the streets where i’m from, but i would really like to hit and run some crazy ass mother fucker on a bike and see what it’s like

          1. Understand perfectly, even though I’m from the South…different location, same situation 😉 I thought for some reason you lived in Texas too, as Pale Rider does. Guess because you both ride bikes. :/

          1. Iwm is right you wouldnt want to hit any bikers in texas…we all pack guns and I know your not stupid enough to try and hit a biker wearing a club patch cause then you’d really be in trouble, most of time anyway people get the point and go out of their way to stay out of our way lol that’s part of the reason I joined a 3 piece patch club is because 1 nobodys fucks with you and 2 nobody fucks with you.

          2. And besides Texas is a Red & Gold state “Bandido country” you don’t wanna mess with those boys they’ll chain you up to their bike and drag your ass from El Paso to Houston with a pit stop in San Antonio just to piss on you and fill up with gas.

  2. As an amateur photographer I can appreciate a good photo therefore I like the one where the photographer has used the phone as a foreground, and then the intercepting lines of blood and brains that leads to the smashed head in a pool of bloodied mush, tres bien.

    My only gripe is that it lacks sharpness and I personally would have got lower to the ground and used a wide aperture lens in order to emphasise the intercepting lines however for a phone camera user is was a job well done.

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    2. That’s funny. I was trying to explain this to my “non-Gore” friend yesterday, and she just doesn’t get it! I live in flip-flops from Spring through Fall, and I even wore them yesterday when my Cali weather got up to about 68 degrees. The whole damn time I felt I had to watch my back for suicide jumpers, bombers, flying bricks, DWA’s, damn it was to much anxiety for me! I think I might just stay indoors this year and go barefoot when I have to leave my house…

  3. He seems to have been ran over the head by the white SUV, as seen on image “Motorcycle Away from Dead Rider” he also seems to have gotten stuck underneath it and dragged about 10 feet from where the vehicle ran him over, it still took some time for the driver to stop the vehicle tho. It might be a quick death even if it seems somewhat violent. His motorcycle seems to have sustained low damage or maybe even no damage at all, which is pretty curios considering the the condition of the owner. Also there seems to be a weird black object in the 1, 7 and 8th pictures (Might be a helmet or something else, won’t put my finger on it). Curios thing are the short pants he was wearing, not seeing other pieces of clothes on the road makes me think he only wore those. Could be that he lived near by judging by the shorts, or it was really that hot?

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