Motorcyclist Runs Into SUV, Goes Airborne, Lands on Car Behind

Motorcyclist Runs Into SUV, Goes Airborne, Lands on Car Behind

This is an awesome CCTV video of a motorcyclist doing his best ragdoll impression and taking a double tap beating. Except that the douche of a biker fucked up two cars that did nothing wrong with it.

The CCTV was monitoring an intersection when an SUV was brought to a stop on lights with a passenger car stopping behind it. A motorcyclist then came from the opposite direction, slammed into the SUV which sent him airborne and landed on the car behind the SUV, messing up both of them at once.

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30 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Runs Into SUV, Goes Airborne, Lands on Car Behind”

  1. This was no accident. This was a purposely done head on collision between a really stoned biker and a helpless suv. If that was my car he landed on I would make sure he was still alive and then I would have beat him to death with my tire iron.

    1. I had a similar thought (no accident). Three empty lanes of traffic, no discernible potholes or water on the road… I have heard someone say they would commit suicide by motorcycle before.

      1. if you look just before impact, the bike is leaning a hard right, like he was trying to swerve back in his own lane after passing a car off camera…my guess is he just misjudged and ate the suv on accident.
        And speaking as a rider, let me just say when you’re looking to off yourself, you look for a tractor trailer or a bus or something. Much less chance of waking up in a chair that way.

  2. Lovely mid air acrobatics and lovely landing. I expect this man is glad that he landed on that car, it will have saved his life or maybe not depending on the anger of the car owner..

  3. I wonder if either of the drivers who got hit just changed lanes only moments before this happened. “Grrr!!! I knew I should’ve stayed in the other lane!!!” That would be my luck…

  4. “Oh my god, look what he did to my car!”
    Everybody else came to see.
    “If I were you, I’d go over there; pick his ass up, and kick his fucking ass.
    “Like, right now, before he fucking dies.”

  5. Am I the only one who notices that there are two people riding? The passenger is who you see flying onto the second suv and the driver lands atop the impacted car. WATCH CLOSELY you can see his legs rest aside the suv after the impact

  6. I hate being a passenger on bikes for just this kinda reason. Imagine the horror of the passenger to have to go through that not being able to control any of it.
    I hope they didn’t die or get paralyzed but it looks like they died while the driver survived, since he sits up from the hood of the SUV.

  7. Yeah open your fucking eyes people !! The Ryder ! Loos like a female bitch !! You can easily see four legs on the motorcycle !! I just hope the driver ! Got to fuck that pussy one last time before killing her ! LOL

  8. Yep! Definitely two on that bike and the reason for the crash is the passenger on the bike was too scared to lean over with the rider. Watch it frame by frame and you can see “white shirt” trying to stand the bike up, Im a rider myself and would never have someone on the back if they couldn’t ride themselves no matter how good her tits were!

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