Motorcyclist is Torn to Pieces by Truck

Motorcyclist is Torn to Pieces by Truck

On the 25th of November, 2013, two motorcyclists collided against each other near São José, State of Santa Catarina, which happens to be the safest and most developed state in Brazil, and coincidentally, the one with the highest percentage of European immigrants, mainly Germans, Italians, Austrians, Portuguese and Spanish.

It all happened because one of the motorcyclists decided to pass a truck that was in front of him. By doing so, he didn’t realize the incoming motorcycle.
One of the motorcyclists died and the other survived, but just barely.

The man you see in the photos, the fatality, was Ubenilson Conceição da Silva. After the collision, the truck decided to run over him, and amazingly enough, he didn’t die on the spot, despite vicious injuries.

Can you imagine the pain he went through? Probably said “kill me” numerous times. I know I would.

Props to Best Gore member eduardonet2001 for the article and pictures:

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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          1. @whurly – mini indoor “wardrobe” tent 3 x soil seedlings to full stage . Wish I’d thought of it years ago and saved thousands ! Ha. All for my personal consumption just incase the paranoia police are listening in . 😉

  1. Thanks Portuguese for the awesome pics and story…I can’t believe that guy survived that..I’m sure he passed away not soon after these pictures were taken…there’s no way someone could survive this….is there?…

      1. Forsure..I thought it was way too brutal for life…I hope they drugged him so he died comfortable….this poor guy was probably the other motorcyclist who had no idea what was about to happen….that’s how it usually goes..sigh

    1. seen cars on the track doing tandem drift runs get lit or totaly smashed hitting the barriers when they failed heel toeing their gears to theoir engine rpms
      *thankfully roll cages/ fire extinguishers prevent a fuckn BBQ of flying human spare ribs furry damn dice

  2. Actually, Santa Catarina is the third most developed state in Brazil topped by Distrito Federal (not exactly a state, but a district as the name hints) and Sao Paulo, which has (also coincidentally) a lot of northeasterns and african descent people.

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