Mowed Down Female Bicyclist Dies with Ripped Off Leg

Mowed Down Female Bicyclist Dies with Ripped Off Leg

Female bicyclist was mowed down by a passing vehicle so violently, the impact ripped her leg off at the knee and killed her. I don’t have any further info on the accident and can’t even see the bicycle in the video. Makes you wonder if bicycles are as mean as motorcycles, getting away without a scratch when the rider is beat up dead. Also, I don’t see the flip flops, although I’m pretty sure that’s what the bicyclist was wearing. Bloody flip flops.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. @Future Days, They do it everywhere. It’s a pastime thats as old as human history. Yes, I’m in the same town as you are…No, I don’t like to do it publically. I prefer to do it in private, where I can take my time and get an eyeful …

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