Nissan Navara Obliterated by a Semi on an Icy Road in Russia

Nissan Navara Obliterated by a Semi on an Icy Road in Russia

Nissan Navara Obliterated by a Semi on an Icy Road in Russia

There is no gore in this video, but the impact was so severe, I reckoned it was worth sharing. The accident took place on the М-7 road in the Petushinski District, Vladimirskaya Region in Russia on February 24, 2012.

Driver of Nissan Navara lost control of his vehicle on the slippery road and slid to the oncoming lane, right in the path of large freightliner. Upon impact, Nissan Navara got literally obliterated by the semi. The obliteration is actually much more severe than one would expect up until the moment of impact.

The uploader of the video learned that the name of the Nissan driver was Alexander. He died on the spot. Hid funeral was held on February 28 in Balashikha. Many thanks to Turduckenn for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “Nissan Navara Obliterated by a Semi on an Icy Road in Russia”

      1. Right!
        So am I, how could you not be?
        We are not cursed here by screens or obstructions, just small yellow tarps that cover the corpse.
        Much of the real good shit I have seen in person came BEFORE I carried a camera in my pocket at all times (phone)
        I love the time diffrence!
        That says (Tiger) that you posted that at 2:22 a.m.
        It’s only 1:26 here.

          1. (it’s tomorrow now, 12:18 a.m. here, 3:18 p.m. there right now)

            Hope the young ones appricate their mom being as cool as she is.
            Have you made a decision to show the boy an example of what happens if you are not paying attention and get squished by a truck?
            Not the easiest thing to decide to expose them to, but aslo, it does have it merits.

          2. I’m lucky my kids & their friends think I’m a cool mum! I let lots of kids over, just today they were on the trampoline with a sprinkler underneath and I bought out a bottle of bubble-bath to soap it up, it doubled the fun.

          3. Does that tramp have a net around it? Was thinking how slippery that thing must have been with soap all over it. If anyone slipped off the side and hit their melons on the pipe, that would suck big time. Safety first 🙂

  1. Fuck’n epic video……… A 200 klm hour head on collision with a semi trailer is instant death, if it were me, I’d have gone back to see what I could do, besides take out my dash cam for more video footage 😉

  2. People should not drive in shitty weather if they can avoid it and it is absoloutly essential. Common sense to stay of the road. Where was he going so important now that it cost him his life? I stay in my hole with essential supplies at hand when the weather is shitty. You know even if you are careful it is always some other asshole that will run into you and end your life. But then again maybe that would be a good thing. The price of death is pain and it must be paid in order to cross over into nothingness.

          1. Go long horns!!! I live in south Texas McAllen to be exact good to see another Texan on BG and I’ll bet money you work the rigs my brother lives in humble and works offshore as an underwater welder

          2. Cool.
            I was in Galvisten about 7 years ago, FANTASTIC PLACE!
            I drove through Houston (tried to spot the old ENRON building)

            The oil rigs off The Gulf were a cool sight.
            I grew up near the ocean (Pacific) and this was a nice, calm, warm water I had never seen before.

            I kinda figured You would be from Dallas/F.W. or from Houston.

          3. I machine parts for hydraulic cylinders, winches, HPU(hydraulic power unit), cranes, and much more. Some of these pieces I machine on are worth over a half million when complete. I’m currently making a steel rod for a 50-foot tensioner. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a cylinder that keeps floating oil rig platforms steady up top while the ocean moves beneath. If they fail, the workers could slide off the platform. So you could say a lot of lives depend on my work…it’s badass, actually.

    1. WHOAAAAA, are you ok there mousy, sounds like you need a mouse nap.

      I nearly said CAT nap, oops 😉

      I gotta say though, I don’t drive in shit weather but even when I see fuckwits driving on the highway in clear stuff just 10 metres apart (tailgating) then it’s these dipshits that deserve to die, the unfortunate thing is that these douchebags kill other innocent motorists/passengers in the process.

        1. In Nevada, snow is usally a yearly issue that lasts for a few hours, or a few days, but the plows and the sun take care of the streets for the most part.
          (it snowed pretty good today, but this winter has been SUPER MILD)

          I don’t mind so much driving in the shit weather, and part of the fun is seeing the STUPID SHIT that people do.
          That goes for the summers around here as well.
          Once, in Lake Tahoe, mid June, BEAUTIFUL sunny warm day and some SHIT-RIVIT was putting chains on.
          There was NO snow ANYWHERE, so I just gave him a dirty fucking look like “youranidiot”
          As for tailgaters, nice thing is that if they hit you, the’re responsable.

          Brake-Checks are pretty effective, and so is going slow as hell when they can’t pass You.
          Or on a 2 lane road/hiway, pacing someone else beside you to FORCE THEM to have to stay behind you.

          Fucking with buttholes on the road is a hobbie.

          1. Nevada, huh? Nice state. I’ve been through there several times.

            As for me, though, I’m probably the asshole behind you. I don’t tailgate, because in Texas, you rear end someone, it’s your fault no matter what. But I do drive like I got my license yesterday and I stole the car and running from the cops. I keep a “Baby on Board” sign in the window to freak people out 😀

  3. Damn…dude got annihilated!
    Definitely the most epic crash I have ever seen!
    For the classic country music fans, I’m reminded of “White Freightliner” by Townes Van Zandt, that says “White freightliner, won’t you steal away my mind.” I think he may have been a prophet…

    I knew this one dude named Chuck,
    He went skiing in his truck.
    He tapped on the brakes,
    And started to skate,
    Alas, he ran outta luck.

    1. No, I’m sure that no suffering was involved.
      He most likely began to shit his pants before impact, but that’s about all he had time to do.

      (NV-Dad, are you, by chance, in Nevada? Stupid question I suppose, but I live in Reno, just wondering when i saw that)

  4. holy mother fucker of fuckidy fuck!!!!! never will i speed past a 18 wheeler again. shit happens and i want no part of it.

    BTW hi guys. new member in this site. I must say i have been enjoying this site for a long time now as a guest. the captions are fucking hilarious. i finally pulled my finder out my lazy arse and decided to be a pro active member and post some shit. but my god. that fuckin car just disintegrated. You dont need gore for shit like that

  5. I was sent this video and told that the driver of the van was texting at the time.
    My response… How do they know the person was texting – did they find his severed hands still texting?!
    Yes, this looks more like a case of ice slippage.

  6. They just don’t make shitty Japanese cars like they used to.
    I’m just kidding, it’s easy to see that unless you were perhaps driving a thickly armored tank, you would not have survived that impact. Semis almost always win. Hopefully, death came without much pain, as it says he died upon impact.

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