Out of Nowhere, SUV Jumps the Median, Slams Into Oncoming Car

Out of Nowhere, SUV Jumps the Median, Slams Into Oncoming Car

Out of Nowhere, SUV Jumps the Median, Slams Into Oncoming Car

Gangnam Style driving straight out of Korea right there.

The horror for the people inside the car with the dashcam, when the SUV launched onto them from out of nowhere must have been epic. There may have been poopage in the screaming woman’s pants.

A video like this comes to prove than no matter how safe a driver you are, you can still get involved in a collision cause there are too many dumbass drivers out there. Especially those with SUVs or pickup trucks. The odds of it happening increase significantly with the number of DWA drivers on the road. If the median was a concrete wall, a DWA dumbass in an SUV would still take you on.

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35 thoughts on “Out of Nowhere, SUV Jumps the Median, Slams Into Oncoming Car”

    1. Holy Shit! Oops…I think I just did…Had one similar. Huge caddy SUV blazing out of Home Depot parking lot hit my Lexus in the rear pass tire spun me 180 and about 300 ft down the road. And I was only going 45!

  1. Wow! What excellent audio with this video, except the ditty-ditty mao sucky-sucky chic never shut the fuck up. How would you like to live with a yackity-yack bitch with an annoying mousey voice like that?

  2. I thought the beheading vids would twist my brain but its these vids that have burnt my psyche. Every truck that passes me on the road now makes my insides jump. I half expect it to swerve right in front of me!

  3. Fuck me!!
    That made me jump! Even the second time I watched it!
    As for maybe being a bit of “poopage” , I think that’s an understatement…
    She must have given birth to a whole clutch of “baby otters” !!!

  4. i wonder if the woman realizes that if the SUV was a foot higher she could have been squished, if she was going just a few km’s faster she could have flipped straight and had her vehicle land on its top and squash her again… She is really lucky..

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