Pattaya Prostitute on Motorcycle Falls Under Bus, Loses Brain

Strange for the Victim to Not Do the Pointers, Guy Behind Her Does

Pattaya Prostitute on Motorcycle Falls Under Bus, Loses Brain

A Pattaya girl was racing down a road on her motorcycle, lost control and cut dangerously in front of a bus. As her motorcycle slid under, the bus ran over her head, crushing her skull, smearing her brain on the pavement.

The victim was identified as Ms. Yaowarat. There is only one reason why she was in Pattaya – the same reason paid for her motorcycle. Thai prostitution pays.

157 thoughts on “Pattaya Prostitute on Motorcycle Falls Under Bus, Loses Brain”

      1. Lol had a good laugh at this..

        Funny that I was just re watching Lost on Netflix and happened upon the worst episode of the series. There is the episode where Jack moves to Thailand and starts having sex with a ladyboy prostitute. The first time around I had somehow missed this episode and thank god I did. It’s the most horrible thing ever and I will forever be scarred by that, more so then this ladyboys brains all over the pavement.

      2. you sure about that @Future Days? there’s certainly no discernible gag reflex remaining in that mess, though one can see that having no discernible orifice to work with could be problematic to begin with. hmmm…

          1. at least now she has a decent reason to act so fucking stupid. Even WITH their shit still intact they all act so fucking brain dead.
            FUCK I’ve missed the pointers….as well as every other aspect of The Site….well, I’m (finally) back.

  1. Hooker on a bike…Hmmm sexxxy…I’m talking about the bike of course…I’d never touch a thai whore you have any idea how many stds those bitches have…if i was a dude I’d NEVER stick my cock in one of those things…yuck!..

    1. They CREATED bird snatch aids flu waffle virus in the first place…not much of this is too sexy for me (personally) due to the fact it’s just a nasty bugeater. If it was anything but that or an African, then OH FUCK YHA! Post mortem sex AND a sliced cut skillet seared meal, thanks to her….but NOT from THIS he-she bug-poon haver.

      1. Ahh..rotten stench..welcome back…i remember seeing quite a few posts of yours while i was still a lurker…you’re quite humorous…yeah the bikes shit also..but i if i had a choice between..brainsmear…pointers..or ladyboy covering her cock with her choose to fuck the bike… 🙂

    1. @anomalyze – good point. upon closer inspection: what i took for a possible tramp stamp backside turned out to be only a bruise, so unless there’s a branding to be found elsewhere it’s doubtful a pimp might come looking to collect

      1. And if they DID come trying to collect just show them the pics/vids on your phone (we’d ALL have tons of ’em, You know this is just a fucking fact and backed with reality) and say “dude, she broken, I no pay, she no fucky fucky, I did all work, you pay ME money BITCH!”

          1. “you can post if you want to,
            you can post @LilMissSunshine(xo),
            ’cause some good friends post and if they didn’t post,
            well they’re no friends of mine”

            *wearing my hat today btw, it’s damn cold outside

      1. How the fuck did kid-scribbles ever actually become a written fucking language anyway?
        Just imagine how impossible that would be to fucking learn……and they can’t put a picture, what’s the point? They would all assume that THEY died, or their friends, and everyone ELSE that looks exactly the same as the victim.

          1. It’s indescribably awesome to be back BEING an SOB. Just watched the vid of the rocket scientist who head butted the basketball pole…….just break his neck the rest of the way, it’s obviously not attached to much.

          1. HaHa! Strange it is and get this he met a chick there two years ago..white blonde from sweden a tv producer(they were shutting some documentary there)who happened to turn to buddhism recently. Hahaha!!

    1. Mmmm…..I’m so fucking stoned right now and your avatar thingy looks sooo bomb…nom nom…I’m actually drooling with cotton mouth…haha..hey z..what did the Thai girls right leg say to her left leg…nothing, they haven?t met yet….

        1. Aww..I’m sorry ex..if you were closer id say come on by…but i don’t just smoke flowers…i fuck with the concentrates more…i prefer my thc levels to be 85%+…now you see why i drooled all over my phone when i saw zions ice cream sandwich picture thingy…nom nom… 😉

      1. You know what I like to do.. I find pictures of pretty chickswithdicks, and show them to my male friends asking if they think ‘she’ is pretty. And after they’re all “shes so hot. oh I’d so fuck her.”… I tell them it’s a dude. Love the looks on their faces.

        1. Perhaps this has, or never WILL happen to you (seeing as you’re a jang-haver) but for a dude, seeing a beautiful woman with long, whatever color hair from the back and admiring her ass….then seeing HIS BEARDED FACE as he turn around makes you want to shoot yourself in the face so bad!

          1. Hey rotten! You have certainly a lot to say, where have you been for so long? I’m only asking because I remember your posts when I was still lurking here

          2. Mark helped me with some computer issues I was having almost 2 years ago now, but shortly after that (I was doing the caption contest at that point) it catastrophically failed and the long story short, I’ve been gay ever since trying to get back to the point of being able to REGULARY talk words. I’ve been on here and there, but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know the next time I’d be able to get back on The Site.

          3. Yup. It is true that a lot of Asian dudes look feminine or androgynous. I once tricked my cuzin , told him Lucy liu was a guy with sex change and he was like ” oh no ! I’m a fag! ‘ hahaha it was a funny moment.

        1. “Grass on the field? Play ball!”

          I, as others here, couldn’t help but notice your Harlequin Ichthyosis avatars, Obli! A fascinating and rare genetic condition, that. It’s as though one is born as a big blister with skin that cannot expand and grow normally. Usual causes of death are infection within the cracks and creases or suffocation due to the chest skin’s inability to expand. Death is imminent in days or weeks in areas without extensive neonatal capabilities. Today, they can test for that prior to the birth. It has been around for centuries. Those are great choices for an avatar here!

          I just thought I’d post that for those who don’t know what it is and have never seen it before you used them.

          1. yes my friend, it is indeed a horrific yet fascinating skin disease. when i began looking at them i concluded that the disturbing brutal nature of this disorder would be perfect to represent me in avatar form.

          1. Holy shit im so fucked up I didn’t even scroll up and read what was being said… Time to cut you off Mr.bobby brown your making me look BAD. Forgive me for being a dumbass….

          2. Although a ladyboy would do me good…i could have cock and titties all at once..hmmmm…naw fuck that Thai shit…i don’t need stds and crabs eating my ass..yuck..

          3. Haha…I’m sorry satanic but if you’re a black.. Thai ladyboy loving homo you may give zion a heart attack…wait…are you a kike too…lemme start over..if you’re a black thai ladyboy loving homo that’s a kike you may make zion shit a brick..haha…oh my…please let me be wrong..and you’re fucking around…

        1. If that’s the case then good, I have no idea how many English speaking countries use it. I never heard it on English or American tv/media so didn’t know if it existed elsewhere. And I’m off my head on meds here, so my memory isn’t exactly co-operating with Me. Nevertheless I am amused, so it’s grand.

          1. lol….well actually I think you guys are the only ones that use it….buuut what do I know?? I am often caught talking out my 😛

        1. Thanks ladywicked666, I did one more on the newer Syrian shell post. But I have to stop. I’ll read it all “sober ” tomorrow and regret it all! But it’s ok, I won’t be “sober” tomorrow, so fuck it anyways. The difference it makes if I take my meds on an empty stomach with a warm drink.

          1. Haha..yeeeeah..i do the samething in the morning before my wake and bake i look at the shit i say while fucked off and i crack myself the fuck up…you’re awesome hun.. 😉

  2. Oh fuck yeah I missed the Thai pointer. I don’t think anybody looks at my comments, but in my picture im doing a Thai pointer at a dead elk at the bottom of that canyon. I was a little obsessed with BG when I first found it..

    1. At least when you point to it, it is more that a meter away. It’s funny, like if they don’t point at the corpse of whoever is dead then the person looking at the picture won’t realise the corpse is the center of attention, the reason for the photo. When it comes to photos, if they aren’t dead they all do their little 2 fingered peace sign or whatever it is, and if there is a corpse in the picture they just point. Just to make sure.

        1. I don’t Function properly when I’m sober. Hell I never function properly, probably why I’m here in the first place. Maybe you could share that Dank @lady, I need some sticky right about now… Don’t be holdin out, I know you got it..

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