Several People Brutally Mangled on the Road After a Fiery Crash

Many People Brutally Mangled on the Road After a Fiery Crash

Several People Brutally Mangled on the Road After a Fiery Crash

Best Gore is a proud Mythbusters buster. Mythbusters “proved” with simulations that car’s don’t explode on impact, I prove with real life videos that they do.

This fiery accident happened on the road between Puraquequara and Manaus in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. There are at least 3 pretty badly mangled people shown in the video. One appears to be a man – he had his entire right leg ripped off at the hip along with his genitalia. He’s definitely dead. Then there’s a young woman who moans a lot with pain. She got hurt badly – possibly got her pelvis broken, but is alive. Another woman that’s shown face down by the curb appears motionless and is probably also dead. Like the man. She appears to have received severe crotch trauma but unlike the man, her chunky leg did not amputate.

This is also another one of those brutal accidents that strips victims off their pants. Those who died could care less, they’re probably laughing at us from high above where no life’s sorrows and worries are a bother anymore, but from the standpoint of us still stuck here, to end up mangled like that is dehumanizing enough, but to get whole bottoms stripped adds a lot of salt to the wound.


Got another video of the same accident and additional info – it happened on Sunday February 24, 2013. The three people on the motorcycle were drunk so alcohol was a factor in their deaths. Also, it looks like all three, including the surviving girl suffered severe crotch trauma:

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44 thoughts on “Several People Brutally Mangled on the Road After a Fiery Crash”

    1. No shot. All I know is that if I ever (heaven forbid) have a serious accident, I want to be close to an American or British Hospital. Maybe Germany too. But never, ever in a 3rd world country. Mexico is infamous for removing, otherwise healthy limbs. I had a friend with an infected spider bite and they were preparing to amputate. Thankfully another friend happened by the hospital the day of surgery and stopped it. He got transferred to the US and his leg is perfectly fine. Just needed serious antibiotics and some hospitalization

    1. Hello my brazilian aquaintance

      are you familiar with the place where that accident happened?

      I am wondering why there are no cars around to get help, I wonder if the location was secluded

      1. That show shits me to tears, especially the episode that debunked the shooting at people and killing them under water episode, something in my life hasnt been the same since.

    1. They did an episode locally to me where they shot some cannon-ball and it was an epic fail! It went through hella shit causing lots of damage and could’ve resulted in someone being added to the BG hall of fame..

  1. Did mythbusters really try to say that? I would assume that anytime you have a large machine carrying gallons of highly volatile liquid, it might be common sense that the shit would fucking explode if violently disrupted.
    But what do I know about fuckin shit up?

    1. What mythbusters didn’t take into account is the fact both cars are running, which in general makes everything hotter. In my opinion, that would make cars explode on impact. They tend to replicate the results without actually replicating the entire situation. Still love the show. Kari and Tory are hot, and grant makes me laugh with his nerdy self. Plus, he invented Geoff. He is awesome.

  2. The moans and wails of the injured is what I still find most fascinating. The cries of someone being set on fire do more to me than seeing someone get beheaded.

  3. How unfortunate…not only do you have an horrific accident but your big fat naked ass gets filmed and put on the interweb for heartless sociopaths to make fun of.

  4. i am always floored by how many people lose their pants in accidents – what is that about?!? Now what if one wore a dress…would they only lose their gotchies underneath?? hmm..

    1. @alicatt-I’m convinced the drunk fucks were having a mobile orgy. Which was all fine and dandy until someone ended up crotchless!

      How does everyone lose their pants like that?! I mean I’ve lost my panties before, but not anywhere even close to this bad!

      1. @juicy lolol
        always people in accidents end up pantless! i swear its the bystanders catching a little peek whilst one is bleeding to death…pervy bastards!! lolol
        either that or their are a hell of alot of pre-accident orgies going on!

  5. I believe that Mythbusters proved that a gas tank will not explode by shooting at it. And it did not, no matter what gun was used. A car will obviously explode if a line in the engine compartment gets sheared off and gas hits a hot engine part because the flame will get back into the gas tank. With a bullet entering the tank, there is no flame, thus no explosion.

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