Photos of Fatal Accident from Grove City, Pennsylvania

That's Not Where I've Parked My Car

Photos of Fatal Accident from Grove City, Pennsylvania

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Mr.Decay who took photos of a fatal car crash that happened before his eyes yestdray in Grove City, Pennsylvania. I’ll let Mr.Decay explain what happened:

The male teenager was going around 90mph on roads covered in slushy snow. He lost control after trying to pass by me and ended up clipping an SUV in the opposite lane and crashing into a Malibu car about 50 feet ahead of my car. The door swung open after collision and ejected the teenager about 100 feet. He was pronounced dead at the crash site (well, I saw paramedics cover his entire body with a sheet until he was shipped away, so I’m 99.9% positive he bit the big one.) Very interesting way to start off the day. Unfortunately, no photos of the body. It was hauled away before it clicked in my head to take pictures.

Supplemental information came in today:

The woman suffered a broken ankle in the SUV. The dead teenager was 19 years old and his name was Matthew. He died instantly from severe trauma to the head. When ejected his head smashed into the road (I saw that part). The engine was separated from the car from the force of the crash. Engine is about 100 feet from the car.

Thanks a lot for taking the pics exclusively for us here on Best Gore:

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48 thoughts on “Photos of Fatal Accident from Grove City, Pennsylvania”

  1. let’s collect money to buy a dashcam to MrDecey, it would have been very useful to share the scene with us. Even not a photo of the broken anhle ?!? Anyway, you’re civilized enough for not having taken pictures of the dead body, not like in those shithole countries where people even film victims while dying.

    1. My driving adventures aren’t that exciting everyday now. lol. Only once in a blue moon something like this happens. yeah, that wasn’t my first reaction to take photos of the body. I have more respect than that. 😛 maybe next time.

    2. In Honduras is amazing. You watch at 6 p.m. in national T.V. , a camera man showing 4 deads slowly just minutes after a shootingn in a bar. People have dinner while they watch corpses bathed in blood.
      San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is the most dangerous city of Latin America, more than Caracas (where they kill you to steal your cell phone), Ciudad Juarez or other dangerous cities. I am from Colombia, and in comparison to Honduras, we are like Canada.

    1. @1girl1cup…I know! it was so close i have cosmetic damages to my car from flying debris. I had my “O” face on the whole time.

      @Brokeback…I can only hope to have the great honor of being Best Gore entertainment.

  2. I passed by that city with the train that took me back from NY, my BRAZILIAN classmate remarked that the neighbhoor near the train tracks closely resembled brazilian favelas, but with 15 farenheit in winter, america fuck yeah, awful

  3. My mom, younger brother and sister-in-law all went to Grove City College. I still have relatives there. Nice place to live and work, from what I can tell.

    Shame to hear about the death of this young man, but it sounds like he was asking for trouble driving like that. 🙁

    RIP, dumbass.

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