Policeman in Karachi Cuts Across Traffic, Runs Over Motorcyclists

Policeman in Karachi Cuts Across Traffic, Runs Over Motorcyclists

Here’s 3 minutes of the same 5 second sequence captured on a CCTV camera in Karachi, Pakistan over and over and over and over again, each time with a different highlight or a dramatic video effect. All to the blabber of a Pakistani reporter that sounds very much like Indian reporters and also throws occasional English language phrases into the mix. You can for example distinctly recognize “driver” or “left side” in his speech.

Apparently, a policeman driving a pickup truck had a last minute change of heart and abruptly changed the direction of travel, cutting across the lane, ultimately bumping into a pair on a motorcycle, running over them. With cops like these, who needs criminals.

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11 thoughts on “Policeman in Karachi Cuts Across Traffic, Runs Over Motorcyclists

  1. The arrows are hillarious, I mean its Shittikistan, I would´ve expected a drone strike or a maschine gunner coming out of the truck mowing down some traffic, but a simple accident makes news?

  2. i dont really know if the pakistani’s drive with left or right hand drive cars, but if that was where i live, that bike wouldve been in my blind-spot.

    • yeah, I feel like I’ve seen this video before. oh yeah, five seconds ago and five seconds before that and five seconds before that……etc

  3. Ever drove in Boston or Chicago? Hard to tell the difference in the three here. Bike in left lane goes right. Truck in right lane goes freekin left. No one has a turn signal on. Blame accident on biker.

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