Pregnant Thai Woman Crushed by Truck, Fetus Squeezed Out

What a Shame Those Fine Legs Had Somebody Else's Cock Between Them

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Young Thai girl in a late term pregnancy was riding a motorcycle and fell under the wheels of a big truck. The wheels crushed her right in the middle, squeezing her fetus out of her vagina like pus from a giant zit.

The fetus was decapitated in the process. You can tell that it was a late term pregnancy by how developed all body parts are. Little guy never got a chance to even take his first breath. But then, being a Thai, who knows what he would have grown up to be. In a society which encourages xenophobia, where kids are being taught to hate foreigners and everyone who harms or kills a non Thai is hailed a hero, chances are good he would have grown up to be a piece of shit like everyone else there. Thailand is just such a beautiful place.

Gallery of photos of young Thai woman whose pregnancy was terminated by squeezing the fetus out of her womb as she was being crushed by a truck is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Pregnant Thai Woman Crushed by Truck, Fetus Squeezed Out”

  1. First time seen here a decapitated unborn baby. What was the mother thinking by riding a motorcyle being pregnant? Just so sad! RIP baby! BTW the “cock” comment was uncalled for and unnecessary under the circumstances.

    1. Yes it was, but honestly if you expect even a modicum of respect here, you’re on the wrong website. Very little empathy or compassion here, just don’t let that kind of ignorance become contagious, and you win. It *IS* possible to look at gory pictures and still feel empathy for the dead. It’s not weak or wrong, n matter what they tell you to the contrary. Not everybody’s heart is made of stone, you know. You either choose to be brave and go against the status quo or be a coward and hop on the bandwagon.

    1. Rough indeed, that would have to be one of the more SHOCKING things to see, to come upon a sceene like this.
      I have a set of the same chrome knuckles that you wear around your neck.
      I came across them in a junkyard a few years ago.
      Intresting things can be found out there, things that have nothing to do with cars.
      Figured you couln’t live without knowing that about me.

  2. this was so sad ._. poor baby had no chance and didn’t even get to take its first breath. it’s also sad that the mother died so young, but what the hell was she thinking, riding a motorbike while heavily pregnant?

    1. Maybe she had no other way to get around? Or maybe she was just ignorant of the danger? I mean, nobody ever really thinks that, when they get out of bed in the morning, that it will be their last day on earth. That’s the folly of human hubris. Bad things always happen to “other” people.

    1. Ok so the babies stupid and better off dead because her mother was hormoning at the time wasn’t thinking straight and took a motorbike without two thoughts yes it was dumb to do that but I see no way why the baby doesn’t deserve a chance at life because of this incident quite basically your saying any baby that dies because of a mothers mistake is a waste that’s ignorant, and narrow minded please I beg you next time blame the holy entities not the fetus.

      1. 😀 im here every day man i was watching on the web for real murders and shit like that when i found the 3 man 1 hammer video and after that ive seen every page on this site IT’S FUCKING AWESOME ! my friends think im crazy to watch gory pics and vids but i dont give a shit 😀

    1. Sadly enough, you might be right.
      Asian’s seem to have the peckers that they were BORN with (see pic for example) so, asian vagina must be designed to accomodate such tiny tools for the baby batter splatter.
      Without diolating, it most likely was just TOO MUCH PRESSURE…..(pop)

  3. So sad. Although I can’t think of a pregnant woman’s choice to ride a motorcycle as anything but irresponsible. It’s easy to say she had it coming but the baby didn’t deserve to die let alone by decapitation. Jesus I hope I’m not that stupid when I’m pregnant…

    1. I personally have a low opinion of these two inpaticular places because an overwhelming number of the general population are mindless, violent followers.
      They do not think, they are split-second brutal to anybody that happens to be around them, and, above all else, there is no evidence of them wanting to do things any different. They refuse to evolve.
      However, this is a very consistant flow information of example of true human nature.
      It is best to learn from it, study it as exactly what it is, not how you would like it to be.
      This isn’t some place on the other side of your computer in a place that you will never be.
      THESE ARE HUMANS, true the she shit they do isn’t exactly a day to day thing where I live (Reno, Nevada) but, none-the less, we here on Best Gore understand that this is what ALL PEOPLE are able to do, how they are able to act.
      This is a school of human behavior, and a damn good one at that.

      1. we might act like we hate certain country’s on here….but deep deep deep deep deep….i mean really fucking deep down, we love Thailand and Brazil for bringing us the best gore 🙂

        That’s 2 down….2 billion to go!

  4. The driver will be all right, He’s got “run over and kill a pregnant woman and pop off her unborn baby’s head insurance from Allstate” Sure kicks the shit out of Geico who only offers protection if you decapitate the kid but the mom has to live.

  5. It’s sad and … well its sad knowing the baby never had the chance to come to this world… is some views.
    Though i feel as if im trapped in the storm…
    the baby never had to face it as sick as that may sound and i mean that with the up most respect.

    1. Huuuuurrrr…dum…dah vagina…is opening…duurp *drool* pweshur….put on dah abadomaine *fart noise* pushes baby out….durrrr *dies*
      (For the average person: When the Vagina leads to the Uterus, when you approach the end of pregnancy the cervix thins out, making the baby easier to push out, when you have contractions they tell you to push, putting pressure on the abdomen. which forces the fetus out. The same applies, a shit ton of pressure, and OOP, bun comes out of the oven.)

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