Racha – Illegal Motorcycle Racing in Brazil

Busted Legs of Racha Victim

Racha - Illegal Motorcycle Racing in Brazil

In Brazil, Racha is a form of illegal racing practiced in urban areas or rural roads with cars and/or motorcycles. The races are often spontaneous whereas one rider challenges another to a Racha on the spot, but modern technology, including cell phones and the internet now allow the interested parties to organize Racha with several participants without attracting attention of the authorities.

Unofficial stats from Brazil suggest that Racha accounts for as many deaths on the road as drunk driving – the main cause of traffic fatalities in Brazil. Both Racha participants in these pictures from Nova Fatima died beat up to shits trying to outrace each other.

Not speaking Brazilian Portuguese, I had hard time properly translating the word Racha so I kept its original name. There are several suggested meanings of the word, one of them being crack, the other split.

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  1. “Racha” is a line. Meaning the finish line, the “linha.” The Spanish word is similar, “raya.” It also means anything with a shape that resembles a line, like a crack in the pavement or in the wall.

    Crack, the drug, is called “crack” too in Portuguese. “Fumar crack” = to smoke crack.

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