Rear-Ended Vehicle Crushes Man Against Wall in Saudi Arabia

Rear-Ended Vehicle Crushes Man Against Wall in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, an SUV taking a left turn got rear ended, and propelled into a man sitting and texting on his phone next to a building. The SUV crushed him against the wall.

I like how the SUV driver got off his vehicle, and headed straight to the vehicle that hit him. He showed zero concern for the guy he just splattered.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Rear-Ended Vehicle Crushes Man Against Wall in Saudi Arabia”

        1. “Bet she wondered where he was.
          He goes through front door.
          In a full body cast.
          And she is still nagging him.
          About where he’s been all day.
          Sam Kinison’s bit bout Jesus.
          And Jesus’s wife nagging him.
          About where the heck he has been.
          When he’s been out getting crucified.”

      1. motherfuckers a beast he was in the blue shirt right ?? See he walked out the broken hole like a beast it didn’t phase him! LoL

        Oh Soddy my turbin fell in my face my friend.

        Who gives a fuck the workers in that country are from other countries in which they don’t give a fuck.

    1. Жаль парня. Смотрел мемасики и тут такое… Translates to…
      It’s a pity guy. I watched memasiki and there it is …
      @scouser92 What the fuck does that mean?

  1. Wow, took him a lot of time to get out of the vehicle, ontop of that kept attending to the driver behind him that hit into the back of his vehicle. without any sympathy for that man he crushed. lol, reminds me of a privileged white girl in my town. Crying over her broken new expensive car that Daddy bought, while there is a dead human being laying under neath your vehicle.. “Fuck that dead guy! Do you see what happened to my car?!”

          1. Close @illegal. Well, not really.
            Momback is the black guy that jumps off the back of a garbage truck and directs the driver when backing up to a dumpster. “Momback”

  2. The guy was NOT crushed against the wall. He jumped back into an entryway and the vehicle hit the wall.

    About 2/3 of the way through this clip, around 0:38, he walks back out uninjured. He’s still looking at his phone. Same shoes, same logo on the back of his shirt.

    The SUV driver could see this, and that’s why he was not concerned.

    No gore in this video, just a close call.

    1. Thank God. An intelligent BG user. I’m going to friend you. Great powers of observation there! You are 100% correct. The dude “crushed” had those weird red n black flip flops, blue shirt and a beard. Only thing not accurate on your post is that he comes out around 31 seconds, not 38. Regardless, good job!

    2. But after the crash i see 3 or 4 guys with the same company shirt walking around so how are you so sure it’s the same guy. I freezed the video at the moment of impact and it looks to me he was definitely hit, but yeah not crushed against a wall, i think it might be the entrance of the store.

      Look here:

  3. Ive worked 3 years at frankfurt airport and I swear to god guys, if you want to see real human slavery you will find it oil rich arab familys from gulf states. I was shocked how they treated their phillipin/indian/ pakistani slaves here in germany, I can only imagine what they treat them like back in home. This video just goes to show more how less they care about other peoples life. If this had happened here in germany I can assure you , the driver would have reacted differently. I remember how once I was hit by a car while i was riding on my bycicle. The driver jumped out of his car and ran over to me to see if im okay, which I was luckily. He kept asking me if i need something and he offered even offered to drive me to a doctor etc. Sadly you cant expect this kind of behaviour in all parts of the world.

  4. A snapshot of life in Saudi Arabia.

    I wouldn’t trust a Saudi to drive me anywhere; everyone one that I’ve met has been too busy playing with his fondleslab, texting his friends or jigging along to the stereo.

    Road signs, insurance and driver’s licence are, simply, an inconvenience.

    And if you aren’t a Saudi, they don’t give a fuck.

    One saving grace; around half the population isn’t allowed to drive.


  5. motherfuckers a beast he was in the blue shirt right ?? See he walked out the broken whole like a beast it didn’t phase him! LoL

    Oh Soddy my turbin fell in my face my friend.

    Who gives a fuck the works in that country are from other countries in which they don’t give s fuck.

    1. @illeagal.
      Powers of observation that eclipse your feeble mind are at work here young grasshopper. You are observing with you eyes and not your soul. Look from within so you may see as dirtbanger sees.
      One more slip up from you and no egg roll (wink wink) tonight.

  6. Taking into account that it wasn’t a solid wall the suv crashed into with a man in between doesn’t necessarily mean that the man survives or walks out unscathed from the collision.
    The man caught in between has to be injured.
    Just by looking at the damage the suv sustained.
    Even though it wasn’t a solid wall the vehicle behaved as if it did hit a solid wall instead of hitting a 5/8″ thick layer of glass wall with mostly air space behind it.

  7. Poor dude was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he would’ve gotten out of the way instead of putting his hands up like an idiot, he would probably be alive. That is, unless he miraculously survived being hit with an SUV and going through a fucking window.

  8. You never know when your going.sitting minding your own..and bam your fucking dead its just miraculous out of so many places the SUV could have it. 10000 to 1 odds.and it hit exactly were he’s sitting. The grim reaper is a sneaky motherfucker”

  9. A jew would of been killed or wounded here, WW3 would begin in a second.

    But, but… Nah… Israel & KSA are close business friends!

    Glad the foreign worker made it, though. Perhaps he worships a more comprehensive god…

  10. Ok folks, anyone in a white dress please go to the back of the mob. Nothing to see here. The driver of the little silver car just saved 15% on his car insurance and the Allstate Cap’t Mayhem in the SUV didn’t kill anyone. Please move along.

  11. Notice how the idiot who sped 100 mph and caused the accident got out of his car and after removing all his family went to check out the damage on his car, before checking on the smooched up man? He’s thinking “damn, new radiator, new tires, new windows, DAMN, new engine, oh crap I’ll have to buy a new car! Oh…….I should check and see what I can do for the guy that is ground meat in the store”!!

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