Reckless Motorcyclist Causes Fatal Head On Collision

Reckless Motorcyclist Causes Fatal Head On Collision

Good riddance. May all motorcyclists just kill themselves like that already.

This is the third video in just a few days of motorcyclists riding recklessly down bendy roads, showing off with excessive speeds, causing needless accidents. Serves the fuckers right.

This video proves quite clearly that the collision was the dashboard cam guy’s fault. He was flying down that road, trying to catch up with another, even more reckless motorcyclist who passed him earlier, swung into an oncoming lane and crashed head on with another motorcyclist. As the video shows – he had it coming having come close to a few head on before.

The accident happened in Hungary and apparently was fatal. Not sure which one or if both of them eventually died.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Reckless Motorcyclist Causes Fatal Head On Collision”

  1. The whole gaz tank was duct taped to hold that camera. He did a good job that cam held on & survived, but i do not think those fuckers did. Not a bad thing cause they could have killed many more than themselves.

    1. I’m glad you know who the real tools are man. Not all bikers have a death wish. The fact is theres more assholes driving reckless in cars and killing people with them than there are bikers who drive reckless. The truth is no matter how reckless a biker is if a biker crashes he always ends up killing himself. If an asshole in a car crashes he always ends up killing someone else, so why such hostility towards bikers? Besides its only a small group of assholes that ride around this way and they’re usually noobs on crotch rockets. And the belive those asshole do deserve to be run of the road. But to put all bikers in the same fold? The majority of real bikers I know will pull over and help a stranded person on the side of the road before any asshole in a car ever will. A real biker understands the rules of the road especially the dangers better than any asshole in a car ever could. All the bikers I know look like mean mother fuckers but in fact are some of the nicest most down to earth, loyal people you will ever meet most of them will literally give you the shirt of their back and half of whatevers In there pocket if you need it. These are the type of people we need more of in this fucked up world not less of.

  2. Speaking as a motorcyclist myself, we really don’t all ride like this. I use mine to commute or have a very leisurely ride in the countryside. These riders were total dicks.

    Speaking as a pilot, they did well to get that helicopter in there – looked like a tight squeeze.

      1. At the moment, a Reims Cessna F406 – it’s a twin turboprop and can carry about 12 passengers, although I’m also rated on the Islander and the Dash 8, but i’m not current on these and have.n’t been for a few years.
        I’d love to move into helis though…


        1. Yeah the helicopter pilot appeared to re-check the situation right after lift off.

          Looked a bit touchy for a moment there but I’m sure these guys have been dealing with difficult accident sites for a long time.

  3. I watched the video to the point of the “accident” I also , didn’t read any comments ’till I say my piece, bikes are cool, rice rockets and taking your chances are cool too, as long as you don’t put other, innocent peoples lives in danger for your own adrenaline rush, me, I like (“and wish, I had my bike back, ahh shit, whom I kiddin? I rode like a bat outta hell, can’t beat that rush! ) but bein’ older sittin back, enjoyin’ the scenery and the ride is the greatest rush of all ! Can’t wait to get my (a) ride back. Best feeling to freedom you can get (as far as I’m concerned)

  4. Two types of motorcyclist:

    1. Plain, Cool FV that drives safely from point a to point b whatever bike he/she drives that is prone to killing himself because of idiots that are probably scattered along his way.

    2. Stupid, douche bag, feeling so cool, idiot, trying-so-hard racer on a public road FV that causes accidents and kill people just like this one.

    I feel so sad for the other rider on the correct lane.

    It was like:
    Wah!.. > boom > weeeeeee! > splat!

  5. Kinda reminded me of the old Mt. Rainier beer commercial in which some guy is riding his motorcycle thru the countryside and as he approaches you can hear the exhaust sound out “Raaaay Neeeaar Beeerrr”.


  6. I wish people would quit asking for ‘all bikers to end that way’. Maybe crotch-rocket riders but ALL riders? No. When one has a light bike with massive amounts of power, you tend to want to use it. Buy a big bike for touring or a little bike and you’ll respect it more since the little one is overly maneuverable and the bigger bike is too damn heavy to maneuver OR do stunts. I rode for ten years, 83,000 miles with no accidents on my Suzuki Cavalcade and crossed the US more than seven times on it. Quit riding like it’s a toy.

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