Reckless Motorcyclist Clips a Truck – Collision and Aftermath in the Video

Reckless Motorcyclist Clips a Truck - Collision and Aftermath in the Video

Reckless Motorcyclist Clips a Truck - Collision and Aftermath in the Video

One moment you’re showing off on your motorcycle, and the next you’re messed up for life. That’s how it goes so tempting your fate can only get you closer to being messed up for life.

In this video from Brazil a motorcyclist rides down a highway too close to a dividing line and clips an oncoming fuel truck. His life changed in an instance. The car that followed him and filmed his collision stopped to also film the aftermath, which may be indicative of them being in this together. Perhaps the motorcyclist wanted to have a video of his dangerous riding filmed? Well, it sure paid off.

The impact badly battered the motorcyclist’s left side. Both his left arm and left leg are screwed, though the leg looks worse. He’s in so much pain, he doesn’t even care about messing it up even more and rolls around against the curb. Brutal.

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Reckless Motorcyclist Clips a Truck – Collision and Aftermath in the Video”

    1. After watching this several times now I have noticed two things. 1-it does not get any easier and 2-the camera man who is the passenger in the car is wearing a helmet. Just look at the car’s rear view mirror at the .20 sec. mark. Unless I am seeing things he is wearing a red helmet.

      1. you are seeing things,
        the motorcyclist was distracted when the car almost passed him, he looked over to them for a moment then looked ahead.. by that time, it was too late

        the people in the car are probably touring the area

        1. He’s probably fine. Well, not fine, alive and badly damaged. I definitely agree the shock of trauma is keeping his composure, but 20 minutes later the dull, heavy, pulsating throb of ‘IFuckedUp’ will be overloading his brain with bright flashes and cartoon colors.

        1. @Brokeback…I saw a really bad scene with a motorcycle on the freeway when I was a kid…..thats all it took for me to leave them alone….I could see where they would be a blast to ride though.

        2. I agree with you brokeback. The adrenaline rush while going through a twisty mountain can’t be beat, besides sex of course. May I ask what kind of bike you ride? I have an 08 ninja 500. It’s my first bike that iv had for a year, don’t need anything bigger unless I want to be the next post in bestgore haha.

          1. I’ve owned many bikes through the years but my favs were…82 1100 Katana, 87 GSXR1100, several Kawasaki KZ’s/GPZ’s and my last bike 02 VMax. Have’nt riden in a couple of years but would love to get another bike this spring.

          2. Forgot to mention my 01 ZX-6 Ninja, smallestbike I ever owned but loads of fun. I learned how to ride in the 80’s (yes I’m that old) on a 750 Yamaha cruiser.

          3. Yeah – you fucking donor cycle dare devils think you are cool until you are strewn out in pieces on the highway. I would laugh if I saw this and so might the small percentage of motorcycle owners who have brains…I’m thinking maybe 7%….fuck you idiots….. Rot in prices on the highway….

          1. @brokeback, impressive list, I hope to have a couple bikes throughout my life. The first bike I hopped on was a 98 cbr 600. I got the 500 since I’m short (5’4″) yea I know that’s pretty short for a guy haha but I wanted to b able to somewhat touch the ground better. After a year of riding I don’t mind being on my toes.

          1. He saying youve had a sad life cause you never owned a Harley broke haha me I own a Dyna Street Bob which Ive bobbed out of course and I just finish buying a used buell lighting which I plan on converting from a sport bike to a cruiser I ride my SB everyday since I am in an MC as far as the Buell goes its in pieces right now so i won’t be riding it for a while

          2. As a biker and everyday rider I can tell you these type of videos are the hardest for me to watch here on BG but at the same time I know I have to force myself to watch them because every video I watch I learn from and no matter how hard these video are to watch I know they’re to my benefit, and yes I’ve had very close calls like this myself and my worst fear is ending up like this poor guy but by watching these videos they keep me alert to the dangers out there and not only the ones out of my control but the ones under it as well.

        1. Doc…….Completely off topic, but an 11 sec mopar??!!
          OH FUCK YHA!
          We go fast with suspension, a roof, a cage if we decide to fabricate one and we DON’T have to worry so much about looking like this guy if we hit a small branch or beer bottle at speed.
          Fuck motorcycles.

  1. I do not think this man survived this impact. He was in some serious, serious trouble. His arm was so badly damaged you could tell he had trouble moving it ( if he could at all ) and had to use his other arm to pick the hurt one( all that damage I’m sure led to no strength) up. His femur is broken for sure, which I think is the hardest bone in our bodies, and I’m sure there is tons of internal bleeding not just in his leg but torso as well. Tears up and down him, and the pool of blood forming beneath looked like it appeared some-what man.

  2. It’s not unusual to try to sit up and move when you have severe injuries as the adrenaline kicks in and for a while you do not feel pain or realize how badly you are hurt. We have seen this happen numerous time on BG.

  3. Riding a motorcycle in city traffic is the same as bringing a knife to a gunfight.
    Sure, I think bikes are fun, I had 2, but I resent the fact that a blonde 16 year old whore driving an SUV, texting, drinking a $7 smoothie and wearing a baseball hat with her ponytail pulled out the back of the hat is permitted to run over motorcyclists and not even be charged with a misdemeanor. There was a period of time here in Knoxville when every 5 minutes one of these prototypical bitches killed a bicyclist, motorcyclist or person in a wheel chair and managed to skate on the charges.

  4. It’s one thing to see the typical brain-splattered aftermath of these road accidents, but it’s another to see somebody who is on the brink. They’re different outcomes, but oddly just as shocking to me.

  5. Brutal.

    You can see he has his right signal light blinking, so he wants to change lanes.

    The car is in his blind-spot and just hanging out there while recording him.

    The rider should have accelerated and changed lanes or hit the brakes and let the car pass. Definitely should not have had his head cocked to the side for as long as it was.

    Here’s the fun part… Push-Pull-Steering.

    Only people who ride will know what this is all about, but for those who have never ridden, it’s NOT like steering a bicycle. Basically on a motorcycle you “push” the handle-bars in the opposite direction you want to turn. This concept and the physics always blows peoples minds, but it’s true.

    So on a motorcycle, if you want the bike to turn right you turn/push the handlebars left. (Which is why riding is so cool! It’s like flying a jet.)

    If the rider was a complete noob, in his panic of seeing the oncoming truckm I believe he might have instinctively tried to turn-away from the truck which of course would have the opposite effect, sending him into the truck.

    I know this, because I experience it when I first started riding as well as watched my friend ride off the edge of a highway on a turn in the same way (as a noob).

    This guy definitely looks in rough shape. Hope he survived.

    1. It’s called counter steering not push-pull steering…push-pull steering is a car driving technique used for steering wheels and its diffrent from motorcycle counter steering because in push-pull steering when you pull left and push right you go left and in motorcycle counter steering when you pull left and push right you go right, in other words both techniques are opposite and as far as counter steering goes its not as complicated as it sounds in fact many bikers learn to do it without even knowing it, it something that just comes naturally when you’ve been riding for a while just like shifting your weight on curves…in fact when riding at high speeds and counter steering in a curve shifting your weight is crucial to making the counter steer work right and I think thats what the guy in the video was actually trying to do and is the reason why he ended up crossing into the oncoming trucks lane…motorcycle can very dangerous at high speeds especially if you don’t know what your doing and even if you do know what your doing that doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

      1. To call that a motorcycle is an embarrassment. Its like a 125cc Moto-Guzzi moped.

        And I don’t know what kind of crazy bikes you two have, but I always steer my wheel the direction I want to go and lean in the turn. Maybe those physics only exist in the USA, like a 3/4″ socket, haha.

        You guys are arguing counter-steer when he wasn’t sliding. He didn’t even lean into the turn, just kept going straight and crossed the yellow where it bent. Definitely a noob rider who didn’t know how to control his machine. Touring bikes suck European dick, anyway. Center of gravity is too high.

    1. As a rider I could’nt imagine being so careless as to cross the center line into the path of an oncoming truck. If anything I’d move a little to the right, just as an instinct. Hard to believe this guy made it as far into life as he did.

  6. After viewing bestgore video clips for the past couple of years.I too have decided to make an account.First i d like to say stop ruining the comments by talking about sex with a made up fake Avatar picture. She s probley a right minger.Go on a dating site you sad fucks. Have a wank or frig before you come on.Thats that. Out of all the clips i have ever watched this clip made me nearley be sick.I was eating my lunch though.You should try it.

  7. I’m 60 and ridden dirt and street bikes my whole life.You’ve got to ride like nobody can see you.You’ve got to always be aware of your surroundings.I still get a twinge on the freeway when I’m right next to a semi tire rolling at 75 right next to me. Bikes are simply fun.Hope that kid makes it.

    1. I agree 100%. I always tell people when they ask what its like that I enjoy the ride, but I remember I’m also driving the vehicles for everyone around me.
      Meaning other than a cursory glance at my gauges, I’m watching not only the cars but the drivers and activity inside the cars, so this way if I see someone doing dumb shit like talking on a phone or arguing with the kids I get away to a more aware grouping.

  8. If some basic First Aid was given then I’m sure he’s alive and well working in a Flip-Flop factory somewhere. I’ve had a similar leg injury back in the day and seen a few on others,so in most cases they look fatal but aren’t.

  9. Trying to imagine the cause for his leg to be so badly gnarled and all I can really come up with is that it took a quick trip around the truck tire? It does look this way from the video. As the rider is dismounted, he appears to do a split in mid-air, his right leg flies away from the impact, but his left seems to be trailing with the truck momentarily, gripped by the tire, in my opinion. He’s lucky that leg didn’t get caught on more at impact, as the truck may have dragged him with or under and lowered his survival rate dramatically.

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