Ripped to Pieces by Train in Czech Republic

Human Body After It Went Through Meat Grinder Called Train

Ripped to Pieces by Train in Czech Republic

Man, I visited Czech Republic some 10 years ago but back then, their trains looked nothing like this. Times sure are a changin’.

I don’t have specific details as to what lead to this man getting ripped to pieces by the train, but I’m guessing he was drunk and stumbled on the tracks when the train was approaching. Czech beer is hands down the best in the world and there’s also something about Czech pubs, especially the traditional ones away from westernized tourist trap areas. And the Czechs do appreciate good beer so seeing people drunk out of their mind is not unusual there.

One thing Czech pubs is that you will never go thirsty. Waiter will have a newly poured beer on your table before you have finished the one you are drinking so you never have to wait for another one, but you’ll keep seeing those beers coming until you tell the waiter to stop. An even more remarkable thing about Czech pubs is that they are always busy as all fuck and the waiter is always busting his ass off to ensure everybody has a beer, yet in spite of that, he’d always stop for a chat each time he brings a refill. I don’t know how they do it that all customers always have beers and the waiter never stops running around, yet he still finds time for a friendly chat to make you feel at home in his establishment. Nowhere else in the world have I seen that.

Anyway, here are the photos of some old chap that got ripped to pieces by a train in Czech Republic:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Ripped to Pieces by Train in Czech Republic”

  1. In my country they would consider this to be travel by train and charge you accordingly. It wouldn’t matter that he was missing a few pieces as most of the time your possessions go missing on these journeys anyway.

  2. I wonder where you got the photos, because it must have leaked from fire fighter’s unit itself or from police (I think this is not usual practice in CZ to publish this kind of material unlike in DaSilva’s land or other central or south American countries). I am not asking to prosecute someone, but nowadays there was a huge intentional gas blast in CZ that pulled down whole residential building (3 floors) made from prefabricated concrete blocks and 6 people (including the one who did it) died at this place and others are on ER unit in hospital with burns all over body. Police investigators even had to make DNA analysis to estimate whether some of the remains are only one person or two of them how they were crisped together. So I wonder whether these photos will come to the light too or whether these will remain hidden in police files, because this guy hit by train looked to me by the clothes like some homeless so I wonder whether there would be double standards for handling with photos from the fresh tragedy.

  3. As far as vehicular gore goes, I have always been the most fascinated by train accidents / suicides. There’s such an element of brutality to these events that other forms of transportation just don’t capture for me. Nothing beats the train… Chug chug chug…splat…

  4. I remember reading about this. Another guy leapt in front of an oncoming metro train at a really busy stop in Prague relatively recently, apparently it isn’t a unique incident. Just… not a nice way to go.

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