This Had Great Potential – Part VIII

Scooter Almost Crushed by Turning Truck

Scooter Almost Crushed by Turning Truck

CCTV video from somewhere in Asia shows turning truck flipping on a side, nearly crushing a scooter rider to death. Nobody was hurt in this extraordinary crash which is what makes it a great addition to our growing “This Had Great Potential” series.

An interesting thing to observe is that the motorcyclist stopped his scooter on a marked pedestrian crossing, past the line for vehicle stopped on the red. I’m sure speed of the truck was a major factor contributing to the overturn, but presence of the motorcyclist so deeply in the intersection forced the truck driver to take a sharper turn which in my opinion, also contributed to the overturn.

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  2. This is the reason there is a line indicates where you should stop for the red signal.
    Motorcyclists need to face far more risks in their transportation activities, since they have their flesh covering the metal. However, They are more tend to ignore speed limit, signals, and all the rules on the roads which were designed to protect their lives.
    Speeding in a good car= fund
    Speeding in a convertible= hospital
    Speeding in a motorcycle= sucide

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