Semi Plows Through Column of Trucks, Bursts Into Flames

Semi Plows Through Column of Trucks, Bursts Into Flames

Caught on dashcam in Russia, probably by another truck driver.

In the oncoming direction of the dashcam, a semi truck plowed through a column of trucks stopped on the road. No info on why it happened – possible brake failure perhaps? That semi went until it was stopped by external forces- it didn’t look like it had the means to stop itself.

The semi hit a number of trucks, at least one oncoming passenger vehicle and rammed into the first truck in the column flipping it on the side and spilling its cargo on the road. The scrape of metal against the concrete resulted in a fireball. A lot of damage was caused by that semi that day.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

48 thoughts on “Semi Plows Through Column of Trucks, Bursts Into Flames

  1. whats the fucking point of driving in russia when everyone else on the road is a threat and can’t drive his or her way out of a paper sack.

    • this shit hapen all around the world, 80% percent of russian cars have dash cam installed, thats why you think that in russia no one can drive.

      • In Soviet Russia, car drives YOU. All that wonderful vodka it’s no wonder they drive like fuckbags, run over their kids, and the like. Not saying ALL are drunks, but, well, the accident rate speaks for itself.

    • Wrong. Long haul truck drivers in Russia are considered the best drivers with a lot of experience driving even inside the country (look at the map. We got a lot of far impassable territories no one European can even imagine). Shit happens on the road everywhere, you know…(

    • I wish more Americans had the guts, and honesty, about their retarded behavior on the road, because I’m sure we’d see all kinds of stupid shit from the U.S. if my fellow citizens were like the Ruskies with these dashcams. Cameras make it harder to LIE to insurance companies about who is at fault in an accident, though.

      American drivers NEVER like to own up to their stupidity on the road. I should know. I’m surrounded by them every day…and might even be responsible for some of the carnage that goes on. Not that I would ever admit it. ;)

      • Yes indeed. My sister is a complete idiot on the road. One whom switches lanes back and forth seven times when a cop gets behind her… Panics when pulled over, and rages like she’s a good driver. Has caused several accidents, as well as tickets for all sorts of things, and most including myself demand she pull over if I find myself in the unfortunate position of passenger, so that I may drive. She can’t drive her way out of, well the driveway.

  2. It’s a bit silly of Americans to celebrate Independence Day when the American government can’t even take a shit without asking Israel for permission.

    I am not hating on Americans but the people who celebrate these things should at least understand the historical significance and the irony that they no longer belong to the British but to Israeli instead, independent they are not as Yoda would say.

  3. Congratulations to my fellow US BG pals. Even if I seem to be a bit rude towards Americans.. That’s my feelings/emotions towards your politics/politicians, not regular folks )

  4. Seams like all we need to know is in the video. We just need to get a translation, My russian is quite bad so I only understood the swearing :D

  5. I would love a translation if anyone knows russian, to me it sounds like the truck driver who hit everyone was using the CB radio calling and asking for information on road conditions or saying he had a problem with his brakes. Then the driver from the dashcam truck was using his CB to tell him there was stopped traffic and he needs to slowdown. just my thoughts, but a pretty awesome wreck as is.

  6. I just came here for my daily dose of best gore but seeing as this is gonna turn into a bitchfest I just got to say, yeah our country’s fucked up and American nationalism currently doesn’t make a lot of sense but the 4th’s really just an excuse to wave flags and shoot off fireworks, so can we just have today to pretend like this country’s worth something to us?

  7. Driving should not be this dangerous. There’s a certain level of danger, of course, no matter where you go. But come on, Russia… you’re making an even worse name for yourself.

  8. Talking from a bit of experience, there’s not much that feels worse than being in “control” of 80,000 lbs of rolling mass & simply not having the room in front to stop.. Physics can be fun to watch.

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