Semi Truck Unexpectedly Swerves Across Lanes

Semi Truck Unexpectedly Swerves Across Lanes

It’s one of those WTF moments when you can’t help but ask “What the fuck just happened”? This semi truck unexpectedly swerved to the left, cutting sharply across oncoming lane, t-boning small pickup truck and cutting off the car with the dashcam that managed to stop inches from the trailer. Some amazing braking power and reflexes there. What the fuck happened to the semi driver though. It just makes no sense to swerve so unexpectedly. Driver spaced out perhaps?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Semi Truck Unexpectedly Swerves Across Lanes”

  1. It is a damn narrow road!

    On a side note: each time that I read the term “semi truck” I think of a vehicle that is smaller than a truck (half?), but it is much bigger (double?).

    What’s wrong with me?

    1. Nothing wrong with you uli. It’s just a common phrase but not a true one.
      There is a such thing as a semi trailer which just means that the trailer only has its’ wheels at the rear and needs to be hooked up to a tractor (power source) in order to be moved around. A ‘full’ trailer would have wheels at all four corners.
      The more correct term to use would be Tractor Trailer but is not used often.
      Whatever term is used, it still means the big trucks not smaller ones.

  2. Hmmm….I was once a long haul driver and my best guess is the left front steer tire blew out.the steer tires on a big rig are the most well built on a truck, almost bullet proof but when they let go this is the kind of out -of -control thing you get.
    Every other is a dual tire set up.
    Course he coulda been aiming for the cruiser with the dashcam.

  3. The truck in front of the ahhh truck sees something. He brakes and heads over to the shoulder before the oncoming semi crosses the center line. (5 sec mark brake lights come on then a light right turn)
    Poor guy sets himself up for a nasty drivers door impact.
    I’m thinking something was in the road or ran by to cause trucks going each way to react or maybe a front left tire blew.

  4. He was probably masturbating…and was disabled on the coming. I make stupid conclusions -__- but I’ve heard when you cum while running you legs cramp and fall. can anyone confirm this? o.o

  5. This is what happens when Scientologist are allowed to drive before 7am. Theta doesn’t live in the house of Barobobter for nothing. The light will always make a beam to the Norther Driver from Kapacketeh. May the Hola March be with them all.

  6. If you watch the video closely you’ll see that immediately after the first trailer goes by the trailer on the right side of the road hits his brake lights then the truck behind does the same this happens right before the trailer that crashes even comes it to the cameras field of view meaning something happend off camera to make that trailer swerve, I don’t think the trailer meant to swerve into on coming traffic what I think happend is that the truck driver tried to brake hard and thats what caused him to lose control of the trailer making it swerve towards incoming traffic, you have to remember that these truck drivers are hauling a lot of weight and space behind them and to try to bring all that weight to a sudden screeching hault is very tricky and dangerous in fact if I’m not mistaken I think they’re taught never to jump on the brakes because braking hard in a semi can cause a roll over or as we just witnessed losing control towards incoming traffic, the only thing is we didn’t get see why the truck driver lost control for all we know it could’ve been a damn turtle crossing the road that caused him to lose control of his rig.

  7. looks to me like it was the pickup’s fault…

    he was riding the line like a douche, forcing out to pass. look carefully, the semi is already braking. driver probly got spooked when the guy nosed out, locked the brakes (look at the dust cloud on the passenger side tires), and ended up taking the guy out anyway.

    imho, the pickup was heading for a head-on either way.

    +1 for technology-assisted natural selection

  8. I have looked at this footage a few times and believe it is intentional murder in rage. The speared pick-up slams his brakes hard, skids a little, then attempt to turn away for the semi before the semi fully turn against him. The semi driver must have hated the pickup guy who must have been scarred shirtless just seeing the semi on the other side of the road. Check it out again…

    1. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…why would a semi truck driver hate a truck hes probably never even seen in his life and how in the fuck could he even see the person he supposedly hates? To you know how hard it would be to positively identify someone driving fast on the other side of the road? And the how fuck can you hate someone so much that your going to put your own life, job, and freedom on the line just to get even with that person

  9. In case anyone wants to know this happened in Poland near the town of Nowe Zambrzyce on the national road number 8 on November 24th 2012.
    The tractor/trailer was a Mercedes driven by a 37 year old from Belarus. He survived the accident with a broken arm and the usual cuts and bruises. The smaller truck that he hit was a Volvo from Lithuania driven by a 22 year old. As most of you guessed, he was killed. There was also one other death but I’m not sure if he was a passenger of the Volvo truck or was in another vehicle but I did get that he was 61.
    There was a total of six vehicles involved (but only two that you can see in video) Six people were injured and three were killed. Cause of the accident was a blown left steer tire on the Mercedes.
    This is the best I can do with shitty google translator.

  10. He’s clearly a Jehovah’s Witness, the Semi driver I mean. The man in the other truck is someone to convert.

    “Excuse me, Sir! Do you have a moment to talk about God!?”

    On a serious note, one hell of a smash. These Dashcam videos are great, not for those involved obviously but from our perspective its wholesome entertainment.
    Every car should have one of these!

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