Singaporean Driver Crashed His Lotus Elise in Malaysia and Died

He Died, But Compared to the Wreckage, Body Seems Rather Intact

He Died, But Compared to the Wreckage, Body Seems Rather Intact

A man from Singapore driving a Lotus Elise died earlier today after crashing his sports car on a highway near Pagoh, a town in the Muar district of Johor, Malaysia. It doesn’t look like his vehicle was equipped with airbags – they may have saved his life. Considering how badly the car is wrecked, the driver’s body seems minimally damaged. Headslam to the dash was fatal.

Passenger seat belt seems to have been fastened. Not sure what the scoop is with that, but perhaps to prevent it from flapping around in the wind while driving?

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52 thoughts on “Singaporean Driver Crashed His Lotus Elise in Malaysia and Died”

    1. Just for the record ….there was a video on this page of a truck in middle east blowing up a building after driving up to it…..based on above photos one can imagine how fast he was going and how many times it rolled and flipped…

  1. Asians can’t drive, they destroy more exotic cars than any other race. They should be banned from driving anything with more horsepower than a lawn mower.

    1. I think in this case, he was an inexperienced driver as far as high speeds are concerned.

      I do not think there are stretches of road in Singapore like in the US that will allow a driver to floor the pedal and keep it there.

      Notice he was a Singaporean driving in a much larger country, Malaysia.

      He was going too fast and was inexperienced handling all that speed and power, is my take on this.

    2. and they should be destroying them. malaysia bought out lotuss……and toyoto is the manufacturer contracted to drop in the recondtructed 195hp engine in these lotus 4-bangers

  2. Just bury him as is, it’s a good enough coffin as any I have ever seen.

    A man who died in his metallic friend as not been seen since the days of Mask and Transformers.

    I salute you fallen 80’s warrior.

    1. Lol, for some reason this reminded me of the ending scene of the big lebowski where the dude throws Donny’s ashes from a clif and a gust of wind pushes them back against the dude and Walter lool
      Fucking epic movie.

      I want to be cremated. I already told my family, just in case.

        1. I have quite a few years ago. More than 10 I think. Jim Carrey is a good actor, although a bit hypocrite in real life. Bruce almighty is also a great movie.

      1. The big lebowski is an epic movie…I love the dude…he’s fucking awesome!!…and I also have told everyone to cremate me and mix Silas’s ashes and mines together….Id like to be spread at sea with my kids….but I don’t know who will spread us…sigh…i don’t have many friends but the ones I do have are like family and yeah…..imma have enough problems finding someone to pull my plug if ever need be because I refuse to leave that responsibility up to my uncle…poor guy…i pray I out live him…he’s lost everyone as well…but he has work to suffice him…he just doesn’t think about it…often….I know how he feels……shit this reminds me..I gotta sign up for life insurance……I wish I knew a guy like the dude though…

  3. I’ve been inside a Lotus Elise before. Pretty good looking car. Not as much horse power as it should have, but good looking non the less. Gotta say that the most impressive car i’ve ever been in was a Subaru Imprenza. The ultimate rally machine… I felt compelled to steal it…

    1. If you ever get the chance, get a spin in a lancia Delta integrale, I had the privilege of getting a go in one, it’s a fire-breathing missile that’d put manners on anybody who doesn’t respect it. My neck hurt from how fast it cornered, awesome machine.

  4. I just busted on my phone reading that cars name….mmmm…Lotus Elise…ohhh…fuck imma cum again..nice fucking car there…sad bout the chink..but they’re suck pisspoor drivers in normal cars..why drive faster ones….dumbass…sum ting rary rary rong here….rhoops..

          1. Careful, @ladywicked, this car fucks you back, as this guy found out! He reminds me of the guy from the hangover, he’s gonna wake up in the car any minute and snort a pickmeup off his hand.

  5. He must have been flooring it, there’s not a single bit of the carbon fibre body left on the car. He should have worn a helmet, he might have stood a chance. If you buy a Lamborghini these days they won’t sell it to you till you’ve gone to the factory test track where an instructor shows you how to drive it correctly, this guy’s feet probably wouldn’t reach the pedals though. I bet the insurance companies are flat-out in Asia. I’d less’ve to see the footage of this guy’s crash, looks like it would be worth a watch.

  6. When i was a little kid i use to have a little obsession with the lotus esprit,eve today i still think its a nice car but a lotus elise doesnt do it for me :P.Either way is a modern car im surprised it doesnt have airbags maybe they just didnt work and you are right..its amazinh how the only thing intact in the whole thing was the driver,the only thing he is missing is his life :P. Rip

  7. I’m no car expert, ok maybe a little, but the left rear tire, the only one left on the car, shows signs of high speed delamination (blowout).
    That would not generally occure in such a way during a crash, but it can dam sure cause one, no matter how good the driver, or ethnic group.

  8. ^its either high temperature tire delamination….
    … OR low pressure handling degradation, especially at the rear, that caused some serious problems that rolled this car
    *if yu can afford crazee horsepower No$ and ga$ but not roll cage, you shouldnt have your arse parked in these dangerous death machines to start off with and drive the insurance up on popel who know how to drive these fucking beauties

  9. These cars are light and agile for track use and cornering.190hp in the most expensive model.relatively cheap you can get one in the states for about 37k.2010 and older.they remove airbags to reduce weight and gain hp.Definatley worth weight reduction!!!!!!here on bg anyhow

  10. have ripped out and trashed all seatbelts from all 7 camaros i ever owned. even unbolted stock seats and airbags systems and sold them.
    for piece of mind and added safety installed sparco racing seats,motorsports harness bar and 6-point |Schroth hybrid ll belts with CG locks to keep g-force from mashing me into side panel or gearshift

      1. greeetings :-)
        ScHoLaR recommends:

        camaro gen 3’s for its piston efficiency in push rod engine architecture.
        *plus gen 3 had shitloads of aftermarket superchargers/bolt-ons

        camaro gen 2 are sublime but you better have shitloads of $$$ cause pristine untouched unmodded stock costs green, *and intense mods on gen 2 are fucking sacreligious NO NO and will earn a resounding “fuck off” from the camaro hoard ๐Ÿ˜‰

        the return of camaro with gen 5 began with slower aftermarket, but 4 months into sales 9 second quarter miles and exhaust torque mods took the 416hp stock into the 500-1000hp ranges and a 0-100mph acceleration in under 3 seconds (bonerrrrr ๐Ÿ˜‰

        ***i dont like dont like gen 4, dont want my beasts looking like ricers. do you understand!

  11. F = MA, therefore I will always drive a large automobile. I had desired to purchase a Lotus Exige until seeing this. See how the fiberglass body simply disintegrated from the frame.

    1. yeah… lotus’ fly apart easily. they want the car to stay light so they use mostly alunium in the frame. and the architecture used to keep tat chassis together is adhesives (i kid yu not!) and extrusions which is car speak for tongue and groove fittings..

      1. hell with lotus with its pityful 195 hp!…get a fucking camaro, roll cage and fire extinqusiherss and nurse that 3000 pound baby into a 700+hp fire breathing toddler from HELLL

  12. takin bout cars and crashes makes me miss a certain somebody who assured me he wont shit inside Booger when we go for drive and i fog a 400 shot of NoS

    Arjuana….:-( where you where?

      1. Baby I had my spine surgery on Jan9 just got back home and soon my ass is going back to states and I can reassure you me extreme SmuTTmutt that shitting in booger or anything else won’t happen!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. @arjuna.
            i had no idea you had surgery!
            good its over with then…nothing lwft for you to do now but get better andkick same ass my car and speed loving brother xoxox

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