Singer Jenni Rivera Dies in Plane Crash in Mexico

Singer Jenni Rivera Dies in Plane Crash in Mexico

I know, I’ve never heard of Jenni Rivera either but as Selena showed us – if you’re a singer nobody’s heard of, dying a violent death will get you known.

From what I understand, Jenni Rivera was a born in America Mexican singer. She went missing on Sunday December 9, 2012 after a small plane with her and the crew took off from an airport in Monterrey in northern Mexico. Aviation authorities reported to have lost contact with the plane approximately 10 minutes after takeoff.

The plane – or whatever was left of it was later located in the municipality of Los Tejocotes in the state of Nuevo Leon. Seven people who were aboard the US registered Learjet 25, including Jenni Rivera’s publicist, makeup artist and lawyer are believed to have died.

Jenni Rivera was 43 year old – not too bad looking for an old hag. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California and spawned 5 kids who spawn her 2 grand kids. She married and divorced three times – nobody can stand the arrogance of Latino women.

Props to Best Gore members fairyraver, Quetzalcoatle and niahBz for the pics. Also check out a video from the plane crash site which shows recognizable body parts:

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79 thoughts on “Singer Jenni Rivera Dies in Plane Crash in Mexico”

      1. Oh my Jenni, how much will I miss pulling my throbbing erect member to your pics at night…. Oh… and her feet where very pretty, almost worship worthy, Oh my Jenni I alone understood you, I alone felt your pain as that plane went down in flames…. I will miss you Jenni, Your shaven sugar baby bearing box I so much adore will no longer be in my clutches…. Rest with me the many of entrails, limbs, and organs they have found of you for ever in peace!!!!
        Ave Satanas!!!!!

        1. @Jesus she wasn’t a porn star I watched her porn video yesterday because she died yesterday I wanted to masterbate twice as harder but I found it extremely difficult to masterbate to her sex tape not that much to see if the video is less than 5 minutes long I Just wished she could have made a better porno v.v but fuck it her shitty music will be missed 😀

          1. One of his ex-boyfriend’s made that video with a mexican cellphone no wonder the quality was shit and if i’m correct the cellphone ran out of space or battery that’s why the video ended still it was a turn on to see her buttcheeks hah and she sucks really good as well 😛

  1. For those of you that don’t know, her music like many involve drug cartels. The info on this is sketchy though because her body hasn’t exactly been found just bits and pieces. To my understanding, someone was paid to rig the plane. This story of her death doesn’t fit. Something tells me she’s still alive

    1. She did make Narco Corridos but that was back in the day in the early 90’s or something and she wasn’t known for making that kind of music yeah some people have said she’s alive/kidnapped or something but who would survive a crash like that? the plane was torn to pieces at first i imagined someone launching a Rocket Launcher or SAM at the plane but then the authorities would find remains of a weapon/explosives though maybe they are not saying the truth? who knows..

      1. thats the point i think about,what the fuck is the truth?was she killed?is she alive?bomb or crash?maybe all those cops thought that they were going to get a large score of maybe drugs/money from wreck of the plane.who the fuck knows for sure?not me !!

    2. She was going through a divorce so it would not be a suprise if her husband got someone to rig the aircraft, so that way she died before going through with the divorce, that way he gets a piece of the pie. He is believed to be from sinaloa so there you go.

    3. Untrue.. although I know a lot of people love to believe in conspiracy theories or the implication of the cartel in any of Mexico’s related violence Their is information the plane had forged service records, when in reality plane was not being properly serviced. She’s dead, doesn’t make a difference to me. If she’s alive, then she is sure to be hiding with Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Elvis.

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    1. Well she wasn’t having breaks at the moment she was touring on Mexico giving concerts and what not i saw the trailer sucks she won’t anymore the sitcom was gonna be in english oh well 😥

        1. No lol well actually i only liked her personality and her own hawt body wasn’t much a fan of her music because most of the time they were love songs or ballads i do was expecting the sitcom though 😐

  2. she was a good singer… for those horny bastards, there is a leaked porn video of her… unfortunately she was a nice person, i would have preferred other mexican celebrities to die (like her own daughter)… anyway, are there any more pics?

  3. I’ve lived in Long Beach for almost 30 years and I’d never heard of Jenni Rivera, but then I don’t listen to Mexican music, even though I’m Mexican-American (give me Zepplin or Pink Floyd any time). I heard the plane was an old one as was the pilot. Old plane and pilot equals plane crash.

  4. Took awhile to have this post, i was expecting a video with some carnage when i read the article it said that her remains were not recognizable at all hope we get to see a video or more pictures soon R.I.P JR <3

  5. Right? I too was asking myself who-the-fuck this woman WAS…especially since they keep calling her a superstar. Superstar really? I’ve investigated civil and military acft crashes in my military career; that level of bodily disintegration isn’t uncommon at all. Also for what it’s worth; the age of a well maintained acft isn’t as sinister as some people would like you to think. How do old planes get old? By not crashing. Usually the age of the acft and pilot have little to do with it (unless it’s a very YOUNG pilot). Not trying to say it’s not a factor in this mishap, but I wouldn’t jump to those conclusions right off the bat. Just saying……..

    1. You see it’s obvious that people who didn’t listen Spanish/Banda music would never hear about her.. I myself listen music in different languages for example: Russian, German, Japanese, French besides English/Spanish so I have more knowledge when some non speaker english musician artist dies plus she wasn’t even Mexican.. she was born in the US and knew English as well just like other celebrities such as Ricky Martin/Gloria Stefan who are bilingual as myself

  6. can’t get on bestgore to get my daily dose of gore without having to watch porn… that side bar with those ladies getting their pussies torn distract me, and i can’t watch gore without having to minimize the page so my mom won’t think i’m a perv for watching porn. back to topic, i hope she’s really dead so they could shut the fuck up about it! it’s in every fucking news channel here in LA… it’s sickening!

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