Speeding Motorcyclist Cut Off at Gas Station Pulls Majestic Spins

Speeding Motorcyclist Cut Off at Gas Station Pulls Majestic Spins

It’s a video of a video, but the majestic spins the motorcyclist pulled make up for lower quality of picture.

The accident was caught on CCTV in Brazil. A motorcyclist travelling at a high rate of speed was cut off by a car approaching a gas station. With the speed he had, the biker slammed into the car and made amazing acrobatic element in the air.

26 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcyclist Cut Off at Gas Station Pulls Majestic Spins

  1. Take-off: 10.0
    In flight posture: 10.0
    Landing: 9.5

    Take-off and in-flight body posture was flawless. He missed the 10.0 on the landing because he didn’t land on his head spinning at least 360.

    However, the landing was also quite memorable.

    Overall a great show. Sure, some bones have to heal again. Helmet also probably prevented more damage to the head and brain. He’ll be up an scootering in no time for more fun videos.

    He does get bonus point for such close dodging of the massive column.

  2. He was lucky with his trajectory though a few cm in the other direction and he would have banged his head in that concrete beam prematurely ending his spinning angel acrobatics.

  3. Love how quick the crowd assembled yet the guy that hit him was more concerned about everything BUT the injured guy! Lol. I would’ve ran to the guy FIRST! The driver of the car was looking around, checking out his car, etc. Lol. People and their priorities!

  4. He deserved what he got. I extremely despise motorcyclists that drive high speed. Every now and then during night time, some damn motorcyclists with loud mufflers speed on my street. The sounds are extremely loud and irritating. Everytime they speed by, I wish that they get into an accident of some sort.

  5. Does anyone know if he died? few months ago my neighboor passed away in a accident sort of like this and he wasnt even speeding that much but hit his chest against the car

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