Speeding Motorcyclist Destroys His Head

Sometimes, Not Wearing Flip Flops Is Not Enough to Avoid Fatal Crashes

Speeding Motorcyclist Destroys His Head

Motorcycle accident left one dead and one injured in Xochimilco, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Two men in their mid 20’s travelled at a high rate of speed on Avenida Prolongación División del Norte and crashed into a curb while trying to negotiate a traffic circle. The impact sent both rider and passenger flying for at least 10 meters. The driver landed on his head and died completely destroying his skull. Passenger was luckier and only landed himself in a hospital. That’s one less speeding motorcyclist, if you asked me.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcyclist Destroys His Head”

    1. I’ve ruined my favorite pair of Levis one time when I took a curve to fast…my front tire got caught on the curve and caused me to wipe when I wiped out my bike came down on my foot and twisted it hard…my ankle swelled up and stayed that way for 3 weeks causing me to have a severe limp luckily I was wearing my nubuck steal toes if not my ankle would’ve broke for sure, I had road rash on my elbow, knee, and thigh…but the thing that hurt me the most was the fact that my favorite pair of Levis was completely torn to shit on the right side, the knee area the thigh area and the upper area between the front and back pocket, all ragged with holes and white with dirt…they gave their life for me…and I had just broke them in to.

      1. @PALERIDER I can relate to that. had a pair of good pair of jeans until they got totally shredded from a skateboarding accident. went way too fast and before you know it, huge bloody road rash on my side and where part of my jeans used to be.

  1. Yamahahahahahaha…………… See, sometimes it pays not to wear a helmet and get it over with quick.

    Crashing a high powered 2 wheeled rocket wearing a helmet will often leave you with life long debilitating injuries wishing you were dead anyhow.

    Thank fcuk I gave up these death machines eons ago as surely it was only a matter of time.

    1. I guess if you look at it like that Spidey you are correct. I know I wouldn’t want to be crappin’ in a bag, or having someone feeding me. Let alone never having sex again. Maybe having someone sponge bathe you would be okay though.

  2. I feel sorry for those dumb asses in the streets who riding a superbike with jeans, lame shoes, shirt and no helmet.
    at least must be a helmet and spine protector
    riding without a helmet is not even comfortable to ride, i mean the wind blow, and bug eating.

  3. @ Stalker. You are so correct my friend. In 1986 I crashed my GSXR750 at 140 m.p.h. . I am still amongst the living only because I was wearing full race spec. protection.I.E., custom 1 pc. leathers, full face Arai , etc.. I am almost 60 now .I have had 4 more crashes since.I never ever ride without proper equip.. Period.

    1. well, im riding a bike 5 yeara along, i have no crashes yet, exept in my garage, lol, have one with a car, now i have a big skar on forehead, but thats was not even my foult, i always wanted one of the superbikes, used to have ninja 636, but yet abaut a yeah riding street bike bandit, becouse its more comfortable in longer distances, and powerful enough, never ever sitted on the ride without an outfit. And yes you right Chris The Stalker Walker, i love this man, he he :))) besides not so many bike drivers in my country, car drivers ar not used to this, and often ignore bike drivers, making a crash situations often and so on.

  4. All with a powerfully machines on two wheel are with one leg in chest. Running powerful motors is serious gamble. Better to buy a any car for out of city drive and on winter and good scooter for city and summer.

    Be wise.

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