Speeding Motorcyclist Hits Curb, Wipes Out and Dies

Speeding Motorcyclist Hits Curb, Wipes Out and Dies

Speeding Motorcyclist Hits Curb, Wipes Out and Dies

This fatal accident was caught on CCTV cameras overlooking Avenida Darcy Vargas in Manaus, capital city of the state of Amazonas in Brazil on May 8, 2012.

From the video it looks like a group of 3 motorcyclists approached a curve at a high rate of speed and one of them hit the curb. The wipe out that followed was fatal. Several motorcyclists that came to the curve next immediately stopped to offer assistance and a few seconds later, even the victim’s two mates with whom he sped down the avenue returned, creating further conditions for a follow up accident by riding in the opposite direction up the same curve.

Police and medics seem to have gotten on the scene quickly, but it took them a long time to deal with the fatality. You can see the change from night to day while they’re fiddling around on the road.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcyclist Hits Curb, Wipes Out and Dies”

    1. At least you recognize your flaw(driving) and your parents have the good sense to keep you safe!Your lucky,not all young people are gifted with parents that have good common sense and that love you and has your best interest at heart.

  1. I ride more than 10 years motorcycle now it can be beautiful and the feeling of freedom but never forget how fragile you are and always keep in mind that other road users can be dicks , but driving like that is begging for trouble!! That ass is giving bikers a bad name!!

      1. Lol, @sagemoon- I’m trying to be artistic, but yes, today hasn’t been a lovely day. Guess it shows?! I’m not good at hiding my emotions that’s for sure. Lol. But tomorrow is another day and its going to be much better!! Has to be!! 馃檪

  2. It’s a good thing his friends came back. If they had arrived at their destination, only to find out what had happened later on, that would have been an even more haunting memory than seeing their friend dead right then, and there.

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