SUV with 13 Family Members Crashes, 11 Die

SUV with 13 Family Members Crashes, 11 Die

SUV with 13 Family Members Crashes, 11 Die

Notoriously awful camera work and picture quality – got to be Indonesia. But being Indonesia, the accident is also notoriously deadly. In this case, a 13 member family crashed, 11 members died. Way to reduce your family with a single event.

The accident happened in Tasikmalaya, a city in southeastern West Java, Indonesia. Why or how they managed to crash, I do not know. The video shows an overturned, large SUV so I presume that was the vehicle they crashed. They must have stuffed all of themselves in it:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “SUV with 13 Family Members Crashes, 11 Die”

    1. @juicy, that would be devestating beyond comprehension. i would probably die a lonely drug addict or something similar. OK, i cant even think of that, MY GOD, better thought, juicy,s smile,,, there all better 🙂

      1. Knowing myself, I’d relive the moment over and over again and never be able to let it go! I’d end up committing suicide. Sad thought and sometimes i get anxious when out driving because after watching tons of accidents on here, i understand that no one is immune! =/

        1. I feel you @Juicy!! My partner lost 3 family members in one car crash when he was 9 years old. Absolutely heartbreaking!!! I’m more cautious when driving after seeing some things on BG. Hope you’re good hun 🙂

          1. I’m good too thank you! Yeah losing his dad was very hard to come to terms with at such a young age, and his paternal grandparents too who lived with the family. He’s never held any deep anger about it, and is just a sweet loving guy despite it all. Stronger than I would be for sure!

          2. @Juicy ^_^ I was going 90 in the country side last night !! I wanted to see how fast my truck was so I hauled ass, I really don’t care if I die young 😮 I already had 3 near death experiences so fuck it 😀 ill see you guys in the other side < 3

          3. @sweet-glad he’s been able to handle it as well as he has! <3

            @theghostofyou- Please don't make me come over there, pull your pants down and spank your booty! That's too fast sweetheart! You've still got a lot more to live for! The posts are getting better by the day on here and you sure can't comment from a coffin! The signal sucks down there! 🙁

          4. @J3ZAB3L xD no it goes up to 100 but 😮 my truck started shacking like crazy so I slowed it down 😀 but I did go 120 on my sisters jetta I would have gone much faster but she had a flat tire I’m surprised I didn’t lose control of the car and crash -.- haulin ass !! ^o^

  1. Juicy, I’d love to hang out with you. You’re so beautiful and positive:-) …you contribute to the Gore family and thats cool, too…I come on here everyday yet I’m kinda shy. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments though. Keep up the good work Mark! You rock

    1. Thank you sweet freeto!!! I’ve thought you were beautiful from every post I’ve seen! No homo (unless ya want some- jk) =) You made my day, love!!! <3 Don't be shy girl- just jump right in! We've got the best fam ever and less dysfunctional than most! They make me feel right at home, and incest is just a juicy bonus!! I'd chill with you ANY day!! =))

      1. According to Bob Geldof the whole world celebrates Christmas and that is why we should all hand over our money to him so that he can make sure that they know its Christmas time.

        I for one will never doubt such a wonderful, caring, compassionate man such as Bob Geldof.

  2. I just don’t care….*sigh* I can feel no empathy anymore. I always wanted something to hold onto. some kind of hope or faith in the fact that when I finally die I would get to meet my mother. but I know that is just another fucking lie. one that I tried to feed to myself. there is nothing for me. 30 years of mental anguish and I will never get justice. never get closure for this failed existence.
    I pinpoint my mother’s death as the defining moment in my life. now, some will argue that a three year old doesn’t have the mental faculties to process such an event but I beg to differ. some primitive, instinctive part of me understood what had happened and it shocked me to the core. destroying my developing mind. turning me into this thing. this socially awkward fuck who could never belong. i’m not supposed to be here.
    this is the obliterator speaking….this is the obliterator at his most vulnerable and personal. i’m sure I will regret these words later but I am off my meds….it doesn’t matter anymore.

    1. @Obli- hugs my friend. I don’t for a second doubt that what you saw at three didn’t change you! No one can tell you that it didn’t! You’re still here and there’s still people that care about you! No matter what you’re going through right now, it doesn’t define you as a person- it’ll pass! Things happen out of our control and that’ll never change. I can’t say that i understand why or even that, that should be a comforting reason. I’m just saying that you’re a survivor because you’ve held on and you need to continue to hold on because there are things worth living for- even if your view on that is clouded right now. Its also important to realize that what your mind is telling you right now, is NOT the truth that you need to hear at this point. Our minds are our absolute worst enemies when we’re depressed. Constantly spewing more and more negativity into our thoughts. Don’t listen!!! You’re a nice guy and damn smart too! I can’t tell you what to do, but i hope you think about things before doing something that can’t be undone… <3

      1. @obli, keep your head up brother WE need you buddy. Yoy are funny, smart, and intelligent. People like yourselves have helped me through my parents dying of Cancer,& you @obli without knowing have helped me lots with you sense of humour 🙂

          1. damnit, this is NOT a cry for help. i’m just venting(again). I have to learn to stop using this site as my fucking journal…I appreciate the sentiment, guys and believe me if I was going to off myself there would be no warning at all, you would just never see my ass again.
            I have to learn to not type anything when I get a “down” moment.
            but thanks for the support guys. good to know I can count on some people.

          2. @Obli- sorry then for my long comment. I just know how it is to feel alone- well accept for when I’m here with you guys. Its in my nature to nurture. That can’t be changed, but I too have a habit of letting it spill out when its not needed.

  3. I too thought they got hit by a train but if you look closely at the van, there is no structural damage to the sides or the front/rear ends. The track is a narrow-gauge track so the train may not have had the mass to do anything more than push it. if the train did hit, where is it? To me, this looks more like some kind of roll-over.

  4. I live in a town nearby to Tasikmalaya, as I’ve heard from the video, they spoke Sundanese which is the traditional language of the West Java province.

    00:03 Cameraman: “Oh my God.”
    00:07 Cameraman: “They were hit by train.”
    00:32 Cameraman: “Oh Allah, poor them.”
    00:51 Cameraman: “I wonder why it could be like these.”
    01:13 Cameraman: “How did it happen, Rif?”

    ‘Rif’ could be Arif, the common name in Indonesia, which is witness of the tragedy and also the friend of cameraman.

    01:15 Witness: It was a train, then that car came to here, then I heard squeak.
    01:20 Cameraman: Huh? They didn’t see (the train) or how?
    01:23 Witness: I’m not sure whether they didn’t see or they were in rush.
    01:26 Witness: I saw it was started from there, yes exactly there, then the car started to roll.
    01:29 Cameraman: Oh look, how poor they are.
    01:31 Cameraman: Uh, look how many (victims) are these.. Oh mighty Allah.
    01:34 Cameraman: I can’t stand seeing this, duh.

    01:47 Rescuer: Take them into the car, hurry!
    01:58 Rescuer: Just bring them to the hospital.

    02:02 Cameraman: Yud, how many victims are they? I see a lot of them (the victims)
    02:06 Cameraman: How many victim who dead?
    02:08 Witness 2nd: I don’t know.
    02:20 Rescuer: Now put them (the victims) into the car, Sir!
    02:35 Cameraman: That car is completely destroyed like that.

    04:30 Cameraman: Oh, wow, we got one more (dead body) on the farm field.
    04:45 Cameraman: (Totaled) eight people (victims).

    05:37 Cameraman: Rif, Rif, let’s just see the car for seconds.
    05:52 Cameraman: The car is even so messed up like that, duh.

    06:16 Cameraman: Friends, I’m going home, okay?

    06:27 Cameraman: Well, I’m scared.

    06:31 Cameraman: Hey, (all of you) please drive your motorcycle carefully.


    So, total victims is 8, no survivors, and it was caused by train hit, not sure whether the driver was in hurry or didn’t see that there was a train came crossing. But I’m sure that the driver was stupidly in hurry because that diesel train is so noisy than the driver’s mother lullaby on the bed. Most of railway in the village in West Java are not protected by automatic gate and manually guarded by some local people, but some (or I can say almost all) of the drivers don’t respect those kind people.

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