T-Boned Motorcyclist Does Ragdoll Spins

T-Boned Motorcyclist Does Ragdoll Spins

A CCTV video from Votuporanga, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil shows a car t-boning a motorcyclist who is sent spinning through the air like a ragdoll. I’m surprise the motorcyclist flew so far cause the impact doesn’t seem too violent. The car that t-boned him was basically at a stop when it hit him. Still, he went weee like he was on springs.

From the video it also seems that he’s one of those overconfident motorcyclists who wear a helmet, but don’t secure it by fastening the strap. Wearing it that way is as good as not having a helmet at all. When he goes ragdoll, the helmet flies off his head, rendering it useless. If he survived, hopefully he learns from this lesson.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “T-Boned Motorcyclist Does Ragdoll Spins”

  1. If human beings has wings like a dove, thats exactly how they will look like. Like my old Italian friend use to encourage them……..
    “volare fratello, vola! Mostrate loro che avete le ali”.

  2. I have never seen so many replays in my life. They really wanted you to see it.

    He must have been cruisin’ to go flying like that. The only time I don’t strap the helmet down is when I’m sitting on my couch.

    The guy was kinda dressed like Evil Knievel.. Maybe it was Roberto Knievel?

  3. 10/10. Aerial stuns were perfect though he could have stuck the landing a bit better but that slide on the asphalt made up for it.

    On a serious note I hope he survived and indeed learned a little bit about helmets and what happens when you don’t strap that shit on.

  4. Holy shit!! I’m pretty sure he did live though. Just a few scratches here and there and a few broken bones. A lesson I have learned from this website is to stay away as far as you can from Brazilian drivers in any type of transportation. 🙂

  5. I don’t speak Brazilian, but being on this website, I think I’m starting to understand it a little. I think the hot Brazilian babe said it would take about six months for the motorcyclist to recover. Is this right? Any Da Silvas out there? I want a Brazilian girlfriend.

      1. I am Brazilian but thankfully, not a Da Silva 😀
        The car crossed a red light, so not really the motorcyclist’s fault. He did live, but broke both legs and will indeed take at least 6 months to recover. The driver showed signs of being drunk but refused to do the breathalyzer test.

  6. The fact that Mark hasn’t mentioned the hot journalist at all is a sign that he’s getting old.
    Or may be that the blood sucker insects have drained him so hard last “summer” (or whatever shit that they have as a warm season in Alberta) that he is still recovering.
    By the way, those damn bugs seem to have migrated from Canada to the far south…

    1. Heh heh. Or, Mark was drained by the Yeti woman. He was going to do a disappearance trick again last week, right, but posts kept coming, I thought maybe some Yeti lady had helped him find a WiFi on the way, to thank him for his sexual favours.

  7. The driver seems to be turning into the bikers path somewhat, possibly trying to avoid hitting the dude but not such a good outcome. But I will give the biker a solid 10 for his flying form, he gets low marks for the poorly executed landing, 1 . No arguments either, I have seen enough bikers trying these flying maneuvers that I can spot a novice when i see one.

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