Tailgating Pickup Truck Causes Fatal Head On Crash + Hot Russian Female Cop

Tailgating Pickup Truck Causes Fatal Head On Crash + Hot Russian Female Cop

I fucking hate tailgating assholes. I abso-fucking-lutely detest them and wish for them all to die a violent death. Piece of shit in this video got the wish granted, but unfortunately took a whole whack of innocent people with him. I wish he would have run into a big ass rock instead.

The accident happened on a road in the Astrakhan region of Russia. A car with dashcam filmed white Lada quickly passing it with a pickup truck right on its tail. The truck driver wanted to aggravate the driver in front of him but lost control of the truck, swerved into the oncoming lane and crashed head on with the only car coming in the opposite direction in minutes. Slim odds, but it just happened.

Six people sustained life threatening injuries, only one made it. All because of an asshole, tailgating truck owner with penis envy. But that’s only one third of the video. What follows is a blonde Russian female cop responding to the question by the media about the accident.

I understood a big chunk of fuck all of what she was saying, but I kept watching until the end cause she looked so cutely excited and nervous about giving her first report on camera, I imagined all kind of nasty things. I bet she has a healthy, well developed pair of labia between her juicy thighs.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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40 thoughts on “Tailgating Pickup Truck Causes Fatal Head On Crash + Hot Russian Female Cop”

  1. I fucking despise tailgaters. Sometimes i’ll hit the brakes and stop suddenly, or pull to the side, let em pass me then get right on thier ass. I can feel the bile churning in my stomach just thinking bout it. And assholes that don’t use they’re fucking turn signals.UUGGHHH!!! i need some hot cocoa….

      1. @Shanenathin Huh, my english is not perfect and I have a hard time whenever I need to use some…. Mechanical/technical terms.

        To sum it up, try doing that without touching the brakes (nor someone tailgating you), and see how many RPM you get. Through the roof, I know. Just like the mechanics bill.

    1. I tossed an XL motherfucking huge ass Sonic Burger slushy at a car once. Exploded on the windshield. Luckily, our car was swapped and fast as fuck. But I couldn’t stop laughing. Funniest shit id ever seen.(yeah I know I need to get out more.)

        1. you guys in the USA drive around with machine guns for these dangerous encounters yeah?
          If i was allowed a nice small compact machine gun in my glovebox, id probably have lots of notches on the handle, smokin tailgaters would be sport.

          1. @hockscroach- Did you say you’re from Australia? You must have a sexy accent then.. I like the way you added that “yeah?” in there! I’m a sucker for that and how some Canadians say “eh”. Lol 馃檪

      1. @KJ- your story brought me back! Lmao. One day my friend and i (we were about 17) were cruising through Oakland in her Moms Mercury sable station wagon- lol, and out of nowhere came this fucking car right in front of us! If she wouldn’t have braked as hard as she did- we would’ve t-boned the sit outta them! I was so pissed, i told her to flip a bitch! She did and when we got close to them, i tossed this huge ceramic coffee mug (that was for soup so it was huge) from the passenger window, straight over the roof and blam! Busted all over their windshield!!! Then we got the hell outta there! lmao! Your slushie reminded me of that! Haha. Road-rage is a bitch but fuckers who can’t drive is a bigger bitch! I’m was also guilty of getting in front of idiots who cut me off (while i was jammin’ in my Volkswagen rabbit- diesel- bwahaha) and just stopping!! Haha. Its amazing I’ve made it this far- i had no fear! To stop like that on the freeway was plain stupid! I drive a lot better these days! 馃槈

  2. oh, this is what the soviet copper said-

    “comrade, this video is probably coming out in best gore,

    da, a lot of them are probably going to jack off to me

    nyet, nyet, I did not take off my police officer’s hat for them to imagine their cum dripping from my blonde hair to my pinkish cheeks

    da, I have very little pubic hair growth, like a kitty pussy’s, but da, I have a healthy, well developed pair of labia between my juicy thighs

    da, da

    1. Do you guys see the ad on here (I’m on mobile BG so for me its at the bottom), the girl with the poka-dot panties? She can braid her lips! I had never seen that done before! Clearly my labia aren’t as cool- i can’t do that- i don’t think. Mine are more pillow-y- not long enough to braid them or have them eat my panties. I really do learn something new on here daily. My horizons are expanded and my curious mind is quenched like never before! I love this site! 馃檪

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