Taxi Cab Cuts Off Motorcyclist, Makes Him Spin Through the Air

Taxi Cab Cuts Off Motorcyclist, Makes Him Spin Through the Air

Taxi Cab Cuts Off Motorcyclist, Makes Him Spin Through the Air

9.8 – not a bit less. That was an amazing double front flip with perfect faceplant on landing. Stellar performance in all its facets.

The video appears to be from China and the Chinese simply can’t drive. They seem to lack the ability to understand that if there’s a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and I enter his lane when he’s immediately before me, collision will be unavoidable. The motorcyclist and the taxi cab driver had the whole intersection for themselves when they collided but no, they just had to run into each other cause utilizing the broad open space would be too unchinese.

It’s also kind of convenient that the police were at the intersection when the collision took place. It’s as if they knew that one way or another, somebody’s gonna get involved in a crash soon.

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      1. It would of been higher but he didn’t really stick the landing. Russian judges were a bit harsh but a good score overall.

  1. Mate, don’t even try to deny what happened, you just did that in front of no less than 2 police officers. Would you like some cold water to apply to the burned area?

  2. If cops here in the netherland would do this they would have a big problem. They needed to check the wounded men first. O_O crazy world pfff.

  3. I agree with Roger above…What does it say about the Chinese society when the cops nonchalantly walk past the injured person on the ground to check the damage on the bike and the car and chat with the cars driver?

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  4. Asians people have been known to not give a shit but damn, no one not even the cops when to see if either one were okay, no heart.

  5. i will keep riding i love my yamaha R1 ooh yeah and maybe one day i will be a part on the video’s here lol lol lol 😀

    1. I hear ya, this almost happened to me yesterday, the idiot in the car felt so stupid afterwards, he signaled me to pass without looking me in the eye, I already had the right of way you idiot, and I hear you about ending up on BestGore some day, with drivers like those around, it’s bound to happen, you just have to make sure you’re wearing your, “post on” shirt at that time.

        1. @Memento yes youre right ,and a honda cbr is a nice bike a had a couple years back a cbr fireblade i love that one was very powerfull 🙂

    1. With GTA he would have Spawned at the hospitals entrance lol.
      I’m a GTA die hard lol awesome game specially GTA San Andreas 🙂

    1. “”Whenever I’m alone with you you make me feel like I am home again – Whenever I’m alone with you you make me feel like I am whole again”” . Grew up listening to that @Juicy (as you know). Beatiful song. Very nice comparison too ! Haha. (BTW- having to find broadband spots because mine has packed up , so will try and keep up to date!) Still in the broadband ‘dark ages’ where I am. ‘Sigh’.

          1. @rungsat- I stay breakingmolds. You’ll always be surprised by me. I love many, many things! I’m extremely open-minded and depending on my mood, I try most things. When it comes to be, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll surprise you every single time! 🙂

    1. there’s more than a billion of them out there. a single loss of life doesn’t even make a scratch and besides there’ll be meat on the table.

  6. Im from Portugal but i lived about 11 years in the usa,where of course there is a lot of chinese,you know its funny i never seen a chinese funeral,neither have i noticed a chinese person grave

    1. That’s because they don’t bury their dead,they cut them up in tiny pieces and take them for a “wok”,then sell them as “street-food”!

  7. aaah… one of those lovely countries where first things come first… we can’t have some dying person mess up traffic, can we…

  8. Somebody should be doing voice overs to these videos. Like that funny as hell Jap tv show where they do the obstacle course and its all in Japanese but with English voice overs. That would be great!

  9. You are right, they cannot drive worth shit , but fuck man they are getting pretty good at the 4 wheel street ballet those chinese.

  10. Is anyone else disturbed by the way the police swagger up to the accident, start poking around, and don’t pay the least attention to the motorcycle guy? He did not move once after hitting the ground. Clearly he needed help, but they just brushed him off to focus on something else.

    +1 for police fails.

    1. ^Even the guy from yhe car got out didnt even give thr man that was hit a second glance[or a first].guards or cops neither.Very nice.

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