Teenager Girl Broke Her Neck Crashing a Scooter

Teenager Girl Broke Her Neck Crashing a Scooter

Not that it would matter in this case, but if you’re wearing a safety helmet while riding a motorcycle, you’re supposed to secure it. There are too many motorcycle accident photos from Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America with the motorcyclist dead and their helmet off their head. What’s the point of wearing the helmet on your handle bars or on your head but without fastening the strap?

The victim is 16 year old Maria Ângela da Silva – what else could she possibly be? She killed herself on November 30, 2012. No official statement has been made, but upon initial examination it appeared as though she broke her neck crashing that scooter. Unofficial report has it that she was nudged by the flip flops. They’re fucking deadly conspirators, I’m telling you.

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29 thoughts on “Teenager Girl Broke Her Neck Crashing a Scooter

    • I have a theory that as da Silvas are epydemic here in Brazil, and they find the most ingenious ways to revert the overpopulation.

      Thank goodness I’m not one of them ^^

  1. the first photo is interesting, all the colors seem desaturated except for the blood on her face…or is it just that fucking dusty on that road?

    • Yes Obliterator, it is just that fucking dusty.

      Here’s a travel hint my friend…
      When I went to Costa Rica there were ‘mystery’ meat BBQ’s everywhere at the side of the roads.
      I always wondered why people would buy any food off these open BBQ’s as every time a vehicle passed buy it kicked up a ton of dust that landed right on the meat for sale.
      Don’t buy mystery meat BBQ from the side of roads in hot countries :)

  2. What the fuck happened to her lips? Looks like half of her face got stuck on the road.

    By the way, we have and endless supply of reckless, underage(you must be 18 to drive in Brazil), motorcycle drivers. Everyday, over a hundred of them are killed in accidents, but they just keep respawning.

  3. Scooter is too cute of a word to be associated with death. Especially for a young girl. When a young girl crashes on a scooter, a bed of flowers, butterflies, rainbows, and unicorn poop, should magically appear to cushion them.

  4. I bet chick might have survived a crash like that if she had acctually put the helmet on properly, its a god damn skidoo helmet….it woulda saved her life, dumb kid!

  5. When my sister asked me to buy a scooter for her (about fifteen years ago), I said “No way, while you are a minor, you won’t ride a scooter”.
    Then, she changed her mind.
    She’s still alive.

  6. Damn, half her face is stuck to the road! Now only is she had fastened that helmet properly it would still be on her. No lotion or cream is gone help here.

  7. Would the fact the she did or didn’t use the helmet prevented her neck being broken or damaged face???
    I may not have worded my question correctly

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