Thai Motorcyclist Completely Destroyed by Crash

Thai Motorcyclist Completely Destroyed by Crash

Thai Motorcyclist Completely Destroyed by Crash

Several pointers in this video, including an epic double pointer while posing with the mangled corpse for family album photos.

Fatal accident happened on the road in Ban Thung Hiang, Phanat Nikhom District, Thailand. A motorcyclist riding red Honda Wave 110 collided with Mitsubishi Titan pickup truck and ended up pretty much destroyed, with body parts scattered along a long stretch of road. Three people all together reportedly died in this accident, but the motorcyclist took the worst beating.

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45 thoughts on “Thai Motorcyclist Completely Destroyed by Crash”

          1. It was as if he was saying “guess who decided not to wear his helmet? HE DID!!!!”

  1. Wish I could get a job drawing chalk outlines around dead bodies, not only would it be fun but then I’d have a good answer to the question…”So, what do you do for a living”?

  2. These photo-fags get spookier by the day. Their smile is true and proud. Look Mom we got another one, that means that George is only 1 ahead of me now. Must be real proud THERE MOM.

  3. It looks like the biker was swallowed and spit out by a Great White.

    I wonder if they put the pocket change in the bag with the body parts or in that pink plastic box? If it is the former, I would like to see the face of the pathologist when he opens the bag.

  4. A helmet doesn’t do diddly squat! Why anyone gets on these death machines and then gets on a freeway or otherwise is beyond me. Unless you can wear a Medieval coat of armor forget it.

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