Thai Woman Killed in Car Accident Bleeds All Over Herself

Thai Woman Killed in Car Accident Bleeds All Over Herself

The accident happened near Kanchana Wanit Market on Rama I Road in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Thailand. A woman driver crashed her car and died. The car looks quite severely damaged even from the inside. When rescuers arrived, she was already dead. Blood that dripped from her face stained her top. No further info.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Thai Woman Killed in Car Accident Bleeds All Over Herself”

  1. Does J the gigolo have something intelligent to write? No, of course not.
    This old broad must have had all her organs squished by that steering wheel. She should have been driving penis breath’s BMW.

  2. I always find men using power tools very attractive. maybe it’s because I’m so crap with them. I always have to measure everything about twenty times and I still cut it to the wrong length. Always takes me hours to do a simple job.

  3. I’m guessing she may have survived had she not wrapped that bothersome seatbelt behind the headrest and actually used it. She probably would still have had lots of injuries, but her face would not have hit the steering wheel with such force, killing her. She gets todays Darwin Award.

  4. She should have paid more attention in physics, especially with regards to inertia.

    Ditto; the comment on the not wearing of the seatbelt, I mean it’s not there as a protective mechanism or anything, is it?

    Bleeding from her ear suggests a base of skull fracture.

    1. Airway fail, breathing fail, circulation fail, cervical spine immobilisation fail. Thais always seem to want to spend their time removing the individual before instigating treatment; not the best way of ensuring survival of the injured.

      If she was alive at the start of the video, I doubt that she was when they let her head flop forward.

      The bleeding from the external auditory meatus suggests significant base of skull trauma. I’ve seen individuals treated by doctors with similar signs for ‘ear infections’; if you ask the right questions you go on to discover that someone hit them on the back of the head a couple of nights previously with a pool cue; at that point you start looking for seriously powerful antibiotics and neurological admission. Medical history and examination leads to differential diagnoses and you form a plan of investigation and treatment.

        1. Ruptured aorta would be almost immediately fatal from deceleration and impact injury; base of skull fracture might be survivable but failure to immobilise the cervical spine whilst allowing her head to flex forward would be likely to result in severe, and possibly fatal, injury if, a fracture/fractures were present and she was still alive at that point.

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