Three Die as Car T-Bones Trailer on Palm Beach in Mumbai, India

Three Die as Car T-Bones Trailer on Palm Beach in Mumbai, India

In the early hours of December 24, 2012 a deadly collision occurred near Killa junction on Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai, India. A car with 5 passengers inside t-boned a trailer at high speed, killing 3 of them and literally slicing the Ford Figo horizontally in half.

All passenger in the car were from Chakan in Pune district. According to Belapur police, the car was traveling at speed exceeding 100 km/h. The victims were identified as 27 year old Dinesh Thomre (driver), 23 year old Atish Jambukar and 24 year old Rahul Thomre. 19 year old Rajan Kushawah survived but was critically injured and taken to Sion Hospital while 28 year old Ganesh Jambukar got out unhurt, because he was sleeping crouched down on the seat.

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23 thoughts on “Three Die as Car T-Bones Trailer on Palm Beach in Mumbai, India

  1. Hoo boy, that motorcycle rider was close enough to feel Death’s cold clammy caress. Ford should take a note of this and offer those Figos as convertibles. Sporty little numbas!

    • Makes you wonder, doesn’t it. Indian drivers often seem to be some sort of suicidal. I think this may be a case of too horny, plus too much money, plus too much ego and too stupid to know how to drive their poshy car.

  2. Two of their last names were Thomre and two were Jambukar. Extra sad for their families! Can you imagine being the guy that was unhurt because he was crouched down on the seat sleeping? To wake up to that scene…

  3. Dude was speeding drunk, not looking where he was going or screwing around inside the car.. He hits the bakes at the last sec but the truck would have been in view before that.

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