Three Members of Family Die as Bridge Collapses Under Them Due to Floods in Bihar, India

Three Members of Family Die as Bridge Collapses Under Them Due to Floods in Bihar, India

Three family members died as a bridge they tried to run across during a heavy flood collapsed under their feet. The incident happened in Araria district of Bihar in India.

According to the Indian authorities, 23 people died due to severe floods in Araria so far, bringing the total for the flood ravaged state of Bihar to 74.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Three Members of Family Die as Bridge Collapses Under Them Due to Floods in Bihar, India”

          1. For India to be a super power of the world with nuclear weapons and one of the top economies of the world why the fuck do they have some of the dumbest people decisions made with trains buses trains motorcycles buses bridges anything to do with water WTF your like the dumbest smart people but these so many bad decisions we see the most. Common I hate to see innocent people die but you do it the most.. it’s like everybody stare as the bridge falls apart with so many standing around adding weight to the failing structure WTF if this was America authorities would have took control and tell you to get the fuck away or shoot you lol common smart Indian people think for your life don’t be sheep!!!

    1. I also think that I could easily get to land, there are several banks visible, on the other hand we got taught to swim in elementary school. They probably didn’t know how to swim anyway or would try to swim against the current and pass out due to fatigue. Either way, it was extremely stupid to try and pass that obviously majorly damaged bridge in the first place, especially putting your kids in danger just to get somewhere faster, there was no real reason to pass that bridge.
      You could also see that another person already passed it, which probably gave them the courage to go and try it themselves. All in all, not a very good idea, especially if you’re not a good swimmer.

    2. lol love seeing idiots tempt fate an lose. these people are supposedly smart? that going on an noone grabs a rope to throw or a floatation device or anything? Just in case? lol well done

  1. Everyone’s so uptight around our town for “flooding” – (a tiny pool of water on the roads that disappear within the day). Other people definitely have it worse seeing trajedies and catastrophies like this. We’re not losing family in these less than 4″ of puddles.

  2. that was survivable. regardless how dumb it was skipping across it as it’s completely failing at edge if you didn’t smash against earth as it collapsed. mother nature will most certainly allow you to rise back up, pop to top and float into bobby’s arms rather unceremoniously, if only it was Banglore I guess

      1. Bobby, lol the floater? It simply amazes me that every time we see people fall in any body of water in India, they always seem to drown, lol. Like what the fuck,,, do none of them know how to swim over there?

        1. You CAN’T swim in those waters Thedre, even if you are good swimmer. Too much debris and strong current. You are very good at first aid and survival tips, you should know that. Indians are just too irresponsible, almost like they don’t fear death.

      2. Is it a mans job to do that?? It was her job to protect her child and she failed miserably. Notice the same lady didn’t follow the child in to the grave. The amount of people there was enough warning. Really sad! Bobby is the nicest of Indians and a gentleman… He claims to be the cure for female homosexuality.

    1. Thank you despy and masterplan for remembering me.
      I just survived the Blue whale challenge level 50.
      If I fell into that flood, I would try to keep afloat and slowly work my way towards the banks and probably survive.
      Sad for the lady and children but it was taking a serious risk.
      Can’t blame them as they thought it would hold just a little longer.
      Call me if you’re heading towards India and the city of Bangalore.

      1. Bobby – It did seem like a case to “ride it out” and make a diagonal attempt at the bank – kind of like what you said. I’ve always heard that’s how to survive a rip current (rip tide.) Don’t fight it. But in the case of these victims, smashing into something, even underwater, seemed like a threat as well.

        1. Plaster yes. The water was very calm further on and a swimmer could probably reach safety a few hundred metres downstream.
          Keep calm, fill your lungs with air and do the best you can.

  3. LMFAO… The worst thing about this video is that the bridge wasn’t crowded with people. I just love their efforts to make it to the other side… they were almost there too which makes it even more sweet 🙂 Down you go you brown backward bastards… too funny

  4. 唉…白痴印度鬼子,橋都有一半塌掉還要過,這種智商早晚被自己殺掉啊!前幾個逃過一劫的別爽到餒,一樣笨,遲早會因為這類鳥事死掉的

  5. This is what you call “Indian Roulette”.

    The good news is that only an idiot is capable of losing and therefore increasing the quality of the gene pool.

    At least we can see they took the child with them to ensure the gene pool ends [hopefully there were no other offspring]

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