Three People Burned Alive Trapped in a Burning Car Due to Drunk Driving

Three People Burned Alive Trapped in a Burning Car Due to Drunk Driving

Three People Burned Alive Trapped in a Burning Car Due to Drunk Driving

Sad video from Prom, Russia shows death of three people who got trapped inside a burning SUV that was driven by their drunk friend. Drunk driving is never cool. Two of the people who burned alive inside that automobile were girls and even though we can’t see them in the video, I can imagine they were pretty fucking hot. They were Russian afterall… enough said!

The accident took place at night and was filmed by some other guys who spotted a fireball on the opposite side of the road. They originally though it may have been a bomb but as they got closer they saw an SUV wrapped around the street post of sorts with little fire already forming around and inside the car. While the cameraman did try to appeal to by standers to try to rescue the people trapped inside, he continued using his cell phone to videotape the burning instead of calling the rescue team. It wasn’t until the car was engulfed in flames when the phone call was made – which was basically minutes after the car caught fire. The poster of the video did a great job subtitling the video so you get a good idea what they’re roughly talking about even if you can’t speak Russian.

Out of them all who observed the spectacle, there was only one who had the guts to jump on the burning car and kick the windshield in. It created an escape route that one of the guys trapped inside used to get himself out. However, according to the description on YouTube he later died in a hospital. That’s odd, he looked fine as he was sitting there. Sure he suffered from burns and breathed in some smoke while he was trapped inside, but he was sitting there and talking to everyone. Must have been internal injuries as result of the impact after the car crashed into the pole.

Morale of the story – and I can’t stress that well enough – don’t drink and drive. It’s not cool by any stretch of imagination. Three people (or four if video description is correct) lost their lives getting burned alive due to drunk driving and it’s luckily it was not another car or a pedestrian they hit but a street post or else there would be yet more victims. Another morale of the story would be to try to help while you fucking can. There was a lot of talk but very little action on behalf of bypassers. They could have at least tried to rescue those people by pulling them out of the vehicle somehow. I know it’s easy to be smart from afar, but hey… that’s my job, right 😀

Thanks Andrew B for the video. I’ve updated it with video which contains English translation subtitles:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Three People Burned Alive Trapped in a Burning Car Due to Drunk Driving”

    1. obviously this is very disturbing knowing people were burn alive( a very painful death)! I seriously would not wish that on any of my enemies. But after saying that, it was moronic of them to get into the vehicle knowing your driver friend is drunk. They took a risk of getting into the car instead of the hassle of taking the bus or cab, obviously didn’t think of the consequences. I know we are all into watching the gore stuff and that’s all good, but to be serious for a minute PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE because it’s not just your life you are putting in danger.

  1. Odd, how once again you see cowards just standing around looking and not helping. The fire was small and there was plenty of time to drag people out, but… NOPE! You wouldn’t find that happening in America, just in these other PUKE countries that have no value for human life. I’ve had brain tissue and blood all over me while attempting to help a crash victim all the while standing ankle deep in gasoline from the ruptured gas tank. When people are hurt and dying, you don’t consider your own safety. You JUST DO what is needed.

    1. Bless you for having the fortitude to step in. I think heroism is sometimes he inability to just stand by and watch. Sadly I do think this could happen in the US, not everyone thinks as fast as we do in crisis situation. I don’t understand why anyone would just stand and watch someone burn to death. This is my biggest fear, burning to death.
      Its also a lesson to not get in to a vehicle where the driver has been drinking. I don’t care how far it is, you’re better off walking.

    1. Thank you. I live in America and all i see is cowards. If anything, theyd try and sue the dead ppls families for damage to their city or sue the city for “allowing their children to be exposed such violence”

  2. Dude WTF! Noone is even trying to help. If that happened here in the U.S. Everyone would be risking their lives to help, Hell I know I would! Let alone the cameraman-
    (Just watching) These peoples lives could still be alive but we have these evil, selfish minded people.
    God Bless them!

  3. They apparently tried to open the doors, but I can see how they would have been stuck after a wreck like that.

    Also, sometimes you people forget that it’s very hard to think and act when actually confronted with a situation like that. =P

  4. yeah they tried to open the driver side door. anyways the breaking of the windshield saved the drunk driver but also let oxygen in to make the fire grow bigger and spread faster. I also dont know why the firemen were dousing the underbelly of the SUV instead of the inside with the people (probably still alive and probably not)… maybe concerned about the gas tank exploding? while the bitches burn to death?

  5. No wonder the guy that got out died, he burned for more than 40 seconds maybe more, the burns had to be very deep, his internal organs were litterally cooked , and don’t forget he breathed all this while not only 100+ degrees hot air but toxic fumes.
    Remember that on first sight a burned victim may look not that badly burned when in fact it is just a matter of time for them to get into shock and die.

  6. Judging from the reputation of drinking in Russia, it probably was the alcohol-rich blood from the accident victims that caught fire, not the fuel… on another note, why didn’t any of the bystanders try to put out the fire while it was still small? – Don’t they have fire extinguishers in Russian cars? – At least our camera guy came from his own car, but there was also other cars around and a smashed window should yield access to their extinguishers too.

  7. As horrific as it is to have you head slowly sawed off with a dull knife, being trapped in a wreck car and burning alive is MUCH worse. If a list were ever compiled of the most painfrul deaths featured on this website, this is number 1. The human torch that crawled out of the window has to be the luckiest man alive (despite tha the crash)- one would think his burns would have been worse- This scary stuff-You don’t want to be burned alive- pick option number 2, having your head sawed off with a dull knife- it will hurt like hell, but death will be in less than a minute…Burning alive can take minutes, which as eternity. Remember ‘The Station’ nightclub fire in RI with over 100 deaths- the place was an inferno, yet the screams went on for 5 minutes…

  8. This is awful. If you look carefuly you can actually see a girl trying to crawl out the back, another person sitting opposite the dead guy and someone else in the background. What an awful way to die. I’m sure that the girl crawling in the background could have been pulled out if someone had the courage to help. How do these people live with themselves. i would have been in there trying to get her out..

  9. From the video, the fire was small for a while. If people reacted, I really think they all would have a chance to survive. It looks like the drivers door window is broken( if they couldn’t open the door,drag him out the window. His passenger friend was the easiest ( he was all exposed so they could have just pull him out). Someone kick out the back window to pull the two girls out. They had plenty of time to do all that before the fire got bigger, but off course they all had to do it at once( that’s why they need everyone to help). It’s not til they kicked the windshield that the fire got bigger ( gave the fire the air flow it needed to get bigger). But I wasn’t there and can only assume from what I saw on the video. Those two guys who helped are the only two with a heart to help another human being. I understand once the fire was at it’s peak that there was nothing to do, but in the begging minutes was do-able. All I can think throughout the video was the girls in the back( how helpless they must have felt and the pain they were going through). I can not imagine what was going through there head as they knew they are slowly burning to there death. So fucking sad.

  10. That was the most undecicive rescue effort ive ever seen man alive in car & cars on fire get him out right now not what to do got cigarette ? “i mean come on cant sit there & watch him burn you couldve snatched him out a helluva lot sooner than that but to whom it was pulled this man from his own rock bottomed shitty night that was great may karma come back to ya my friend and in the future i say all russians should carry a “”road rage kit” a good baseball bat dash cam extra flip flops incase you need them for your own death photo a bottle of vodka and a small caliber .25 pistol for extra sticky spots and a tazer any as long as it packs a heavy voltage to intended spot picked years ago any rage incident involving 2 or more road ragers put a .25 in thier knee caps and thier goin down like the “titanic” ive been shot i know you never know what tomorrow holds in countries such as that you can be fucked over fast if not by another driver than by your own recommended safer speedsand remember chances are your gonna party hey your not there for a liftime right so remember do not drive on a unfimilar country on unfamiliar roads thru a unfamiliar country or do as the guys friends end up as “some dude left in the truck who burnt to death !!!!

  11. Homies shoes are still incredibly clean after all that bet thier nike air and kickin tha window open created one hell of a back draft feeding the inside fresh co2 yet engulfing the guy biut there was no other way out of it and i did my best!! ! ! ! ! ! 😉

  12. Wow, major respect to the guy who got up on the hood and kicked the windshield in to save at least one person. It’s a shame that the wind rushing in caused the fire to engulf the rest of the vehicle.

    But seriously, could no one else have jumped in? Nah, let’s just record it instead. That’ll help.

    Brb, buying a fire extinguisher to keep in my car at all times.

  13. There is just something about a vehicle accident with fire, screams and death. I guess it is the vulnerability of the person(s) trapped with-out any chance of escape. I believe these people could’ve been saved if these guys would’ve acted a little quicker…but leave the camera/phone guy alone…. with-out him there would be no fire gore to see!

  14. the funniest shits in this video where at the start where the dude said “do you have the cigarettes?” it should be continued like “we got a big fire here so don’t bring a lighter”.and the thing where he said “is extinguisher made for use on cars?”…ummm doh,that is why you put an extinguisher in the car or trunk of the car,so you can use it when the car catches fire.stupid :))

  15. Normally when I watch videos on here if there’s someone in trouble (doesn’t matter what they did, if they were drunk or just stole something, they need help because they’re a human being with a life) nobody helps the person, not even hold their hand just to let them know someone is with them through this, they usually just pull out their phones and stick a camera in the persons face.

    This is one of the first videos I’ve seen where people actually try to help. This makes me happy and gives me hope for humanity. Next time you or I need help, there’s hope that somebody will help instead of just leaving us to die.

  16. By far the best laughs I get are from people bitching about why no one is helping. LOL In all honesty you fucking people have no idea what you would do in a situation like this so you can speculate and run off at the mouth about this or that needed to be done. LOL The reality is I bet more than half if not all that cried wolf wouldn’t do shit but stand there and cry and complain LOL so damn many people do. I would have brought marshmallows! LOL I value human life LOL especially my own and if you do retarded shit like drink and drive, ooops oh well don’t fucking cry when bad shit happens. LOL Yeah this shit is sad, but a sad reality! The loss of 4 or 5 dumbshits on this giant mudball of billions is no big deal.

  17. Because of the bypassers not helping the trapped people out: It was *extremely* hot around the burning car, by giving the passengers a helping hand – well, the skin of his helping hand would melt pretty instantly.
    There was nothing what the cameraman could do, except for calling a rescue team earlier.

  18. Jesus christ, the first thing people should have done was call 911, or whatever their equivalent is. instead they get there, and there’s already a crowd of people standing around, all recording for who knows how long. And then they wait until everyone has burned up and the entire car is practically melting before they call someone? My god human beings are some of the most vacant fucking creatures on this planet. Don’t get me wrong, i like a good piece of gore. But this constant voyeurism is getting a bit sickening.

  19. The guy who got out (likely the driver though he won’t own up to it) was burned pretty badly and you can see him exhaling several lungfuls of smoke. The heat and toxins from inhaling smoke often cause the throat to swell shut. This doesn’t happen immediately, but can be fatal if no intubation is performed.

  20. Wow, one of the most gut wrenching videos I have seen. Drink driver or not, human life is valuable and people make mistakes. We all have and will do again. People change but they can’t if they aren’t alive……….

    1. Fancy meeting you here dutchy. But alas I’ll be the lonestar Cowgirl on this one but I had to comment.

      They risked their own lives to save him and attempted to save the others. That is true heroism. Driving under the influence of any mind altering substance is never OK. I hate vto say this because I do feel awful for the driver. However, I hope he was traumatized enough to never do that again.

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