Toddler in Stroller Hit by Reckless Driver

Toddler in Stroller Hit by Reckless Driver

Toddler in Stroller Hit by Reckless Driver

Terrible accident in which a reckless driver struck a toddler in a stroller was caught on dashcam in April 2012.

Cars driving in both directions stopped for pedestrians who just disembarked a bus to let them across but one driver could not be bothered to wait in line and passed the whole line. In a last minute attempt to also get across before the traffic resumed, young mother with a child entered the road and rushed to the opposite side when the reckless driver passing the line of vehicles struck her baby and also plowed into the dashcam car.

Not sure what the outcome was for the toddler but the car did have the speed to cause serious injury, even death.


The accident happened in Kazakhstan. Apparently the baby survived and only suffered a fracture of the temporal bone. The driver was arrested. Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the update.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Toddler in Stroller Hit by Reckless Driver”

    1. yeh true, on some videos on best gore we usually see the mother with a lack of awareness when crossing the street with their infants but in this case it was the drivers fault. That was some speed..unfortunately not all that are granted with a license and a vehicle are also smart ppl. R.I.P. baby in stroller.

  1. I would say that the child died because, and my eyes are quite good, the child’s head made contact with the bonnet of the car, plus the injuries sustained to the side of the body and leg, and the car seems to slide over where the child came to rest, It’s doubtful the child lived.

  2. rush rush everybody’s always in a fucking rush. well, you aint going anywhere now motherfucker. retard killing a baby for fucking nothing. what the fuck country is this where they don’t even have lines to define anything? baby must be dead. no fucking way she(looks like a girl) takes a direct hit from a two ton car going what? 35mph at least and live.

  3. Perfect 100% mistake on the driver’s side AND 100% mistake of the mother.

    As much as this driver’s nuts have to be removed at the same as his license and car the road is built for cars!

    When a pedestrian enters the road one cannot count on drivers watching out for your ass.

    Therefore the mother completely screwed up to rush into the street at an intersection (heightened risk) when main traffic had a green light!!!!

    Wow, 100% fail for everyone involved.

    Babies/toddlers can handle quite a lot but I imagine this child died on the scene. Both FVs that caused the death are still alive. There is no god!

  4. Poor baby!

    Years ago on my way to work a school bus stoppoed to let a child board. I saw a idiot driver wanting to pass so I pulled my car into the land so he would hit me first. Idiot slammed on the brakes and all ended well.

    Some peepul should not be allowed behind the wheel! *sigh*’

  5. Wheres the street justice when ya want to see it?! Fuck!! I woulda went ape shit on his ass! Did the puke think everyone was stopped to let him get through? Well…hes through alright! Ohh…. and way to look both ways MOM! Ughh..

    1. I think that was the driver in a blue and white striped shirt.He started to open his door but then got out of the passenger door and there was a couple of guys confronting him and making him back up.Just before the vid. ends.

    1. You did see in the video that NOT all cars were stopped right? So it is the mother’s fault.

      As a pedestrian it is very naive to believe when “everyone” stopped that it is safe to cross the street.

      Why I think that? Watch the video again, then you’ll know!

      1. Well i still dont think so, she could have been more carefull sure but that car comes racing through a intersection where even from far away the driver should have seen all those people crossing the street and therefore slow the fuck down

        1. There is no question that the driver pretty much ignored every rule of traffic anyone can think of – he might have even been DUI.

          I’m trying to point out that the mother did cross the road (a very busy road!) by running/rushing.

          It doesn’t take a genius to understand that once you’re running it will take you more time to react or a situation will leave you with less time to react.

          If the mother would have approached the center of the road more slowly and checking behind the cars whether the way is clear INSTEAD of pushing her oh so beloved child right in front of her into a speeding car.

          The woman had no consideration/understanding that the tricycle of the kid will be already in a danger zone when she still wouldn’t even be able to see whether it’s safe. This is pure negligence. Unfit parent, call it whatever.

          I’m fairly sure she will never ever cross a street the same way!

  6. Dumb cunt mother…Put the baby out in front where it is vulnerable…You are a dry cunt..The driver is a waste of space too…Look ahead, see pedestrians and slow down to allow for safe passage. Jerk off

  7. ok, the driver is a f.. idiot! On the other side, I hate those people who cross the street with their child ahead and don’t look!!! It’s never save on a street, doesn’t matter if there’s a light signal or a crosswalk… Some people cross the street almost blind… thinking nothing will ever happen

  8. I was going to probably cry if I hadn’t read your update info on the baby. Wow, thank all he had was minor injuries could of been alot worse. I hate those motherfuckers that always have to speed up and try to cut in front…..
    . I only wish everyone jumped out of their cars and beat the shit out of him/her for hurting that baby because they were such a douche

  9. Babies can be like rubber. It’s amazing what they can endure sometimes. Hopefully this little guy really is alright.

    I agree with previous comments… Mob justice would have been appropriate here.

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