Torn Up Traffic Accident Victim Has Organs Crammed Back In

Torn Up Traffic Accident Victim Has Organs Crammed Back In

An elderly man, probably homeless on his rounds to collect the empties for exchange for change, was run over and torn up by an unknown vehicle. The accident ripped open his chest and spilled out his organs. First responders sort of crammed protruding organs back into his bodily cavities to make the corpse ready for transport.

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      1. I had colon cancer a few years ago. They removed a part of my intestine. Doctor’s orders and since then it also became an ethical choice, after learning how they treat animals in the meat industry, not to mention that my health has improved tremendously after becoming a vegan. I can now exercise better, feel less tired, everything improved.

        1. Yeah they say meats hard to digest. I still enjoy it, didn’t so much as a kid though. Perhaps the human body wasn’t initially designed to eat meat but had to adapt. I eat a good percentage of wild meat so with that eliminates the additive issue and cruelty. I want to rely more and more on self sustaining , especially the way things can turn so quickly to shit. Say war breaks out , or the economy swandives or something.

          1. Meat is hard to digest indeed. One of the first things i realized after becoming vegan was the amount of times i went to the bathroom lol. And no, not to pee… Apparently, what is truly essential for a proper gastro-intestinal function is fiber, something found only on fruits and vegetables. People who eat mostly animal products defecate less often because meat has no fiber, and stays much longer time inside the intestine, not to mention that the fat in it is ideal for tumor growth and cause bad colesterol. In a survival situation, i would consider it, obviously, but i still would look for other sources of protein. I mean, i have no objection against people who hunt and kill the animals quickly, absolutely none. But still, most studies do show that vegetarian populations, mostly in India, Japan and China, tend to live much, much longer than thr average westerner. Just saying :p

        2. Don’t you know that meat is necessary for brains?? Anthropologists are arguing that pre pre historic humanoid apes grew intelligent over time cos they quit eating roots and berries and started to eat meat, first raw and later roasted? Now I cant say anything for sure, but anthropology says that eating meat did the trick of evolving intelligence! You know Hitler was a veggie too, and look like he’d ended up! LOL

          1. Thats not necessarily true Arjuna. There are populations around the world that have been vegetarian for thousands of years (ex. people in many parts of China, India, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, etc) and they share the same cognitive habilities as meat eaters, and have better health. In fact, the Shaolin Monks of China are Vegan, and its a tradition that has sustained the test of time for nearly a thousand years. And Hitler became a vegetarian in his later years, his later 3 years, due to doctor’s orders, not because of his own will.

          2. Yes yes, I was just kiddin’ about Hitler, but those anthropologists are damn sure when they say that humanoid apes became evolving cos of meat consumption!

        3. as someone who loves meat too much to give it up, i respect that. i have to give up meat briefly when i was younger (chinese doctor’s orders =.=) and i hated it :/ also, good to hear that you overcame cancer.

          1. Aaaah, i was scaring you guys. I have quite some Brazilian contacts who always manage to find the best gore out there. You guys have no idea what is going on in the favelas. Pure, authentic wars. A Brazilian ex co-worker of my dad from Rio told me he once got stuck between a massive shootout between drug dealers and military police. Machine guns, explosions, armoured vehicles, he said it was an all out war. I’ll be contributing with some Brazilian gore to Best Gore soon! Expect me 😀

          2. Thank you my friend! It was genetic, unfortunately. My dad also had it and passed it on to me. He almost died, but recovered. He’s not a vegan like me, but only eats fish and hasn’t had any signs of cancer in decades. Colon cancer, one of the most deadly out there, can so easily be avoided and cured naturally, if only people cared to. As for the gore, yup, i will contribute to the website to the best of my habilities in both Brazilian gore (and other gore that might come from Portuguese speaking countries), but as well as material from Spanish speaking nations, since i’m also fluent in Spanish. Who knows, i might give you guys a Narco vid in the not so distant future! Patience now! Ahah

          1. Me too jb…Kitties make life alot more enjoyable….and i think you’re right hun..everytime i put him in my tits he goes to sleep…purrs till he passes out..awww!!

  1. So the guy makes it to the morgue, they open up his body bag, look around and the main mortician asks his assistant: “Hmmmmm, why does he have an asshole next to his heart?

    “Because they couldn’t stomach that asshole!”

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