Toyota with Dead Family Inside Being Unstuck from Under Truck

Toyota with Dead Family Inside Being Unstuck from Under Truck

Even though I don’t have any background information about this video, nor do I speak Portuguese, we see so many videos from Brazil at Best Gore, I feel pretty confident assuming that this one is also from Brazil.

The video shows a passenger car that looks like an older model Toyota Corolla, getting unstuck from under a truck. It would appear that the car rear-ended the truck at a high rate of speed.

Once freed, the wreck reveals a dead family inside. Two adults on front seats, and two children on rear seats all appear to have died in the crash. A tragic end to a bloodline.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. those trucks that don’t have lower bumbers are dangerous and cause so many deaths like this. a lot of trucks now have bumbers welded on the back to prevent a car from going under but a lot also don’t have the bumpers probably to save money at the expense of people getting killed.

    1. I’ve noticed that too, it bugs me how inconsiderate people are but I’m conflicted on this one :(. I feel like I want to bash people who put others in danger to save themselves money, but there are also way too many people on the planet right now, so deaths like this aren’t really a bad thing. I guess on a positive note, at least they all died quickly and together?

          1. I was driving down the road ( street) the other day ,only one car in front of me,the back bumper of the car ahead of me (read) “hey watch out for the Idiot behind me”haha that was funny!

    2. You still will die regardless of bumpers. It would be like crashing into a concrete wall at full speed. Death may not be sudden and instant but will remain imminent. I was saddened to see that girl almost decapitated, it made me think of my own children. I do thank MY GOD that they died instantly instead of a painful death due to internal injuries.

      Let “people die instead” is like airplane stewards telling you to get into the crash position so you will break your neck and die instead of living through it because the airlines don’t want you to survive that they have to pay lengthy rehabilitation costs instead of a settlement if you’re dead.

        1. Oh! *claps gleefully* Plane crashes are my favorite thing to learn about! Okay, boys and girls, listen up, Aunt Shady’s gonna lay some geek on y’all. *ahem*

          Bracing in the ‘crash position’ does actually give a person the best chance of survival.

          A: You’re already in the position that impact would throw you (middle of body belted to seat with upper and lower body forward), therefore you minimize the impact by several G’s and it reduces the degree of whiplash, concussion, etc. that would be incurred.

          B: Decreased incidence of broken forearms if they’re flat on the seat-back and not trying to brace your full weight, increasing your odds of being able to unbuckle and exit the plane.

          C: It keeps your head below the level of the seat-backs, giving added protection from flying debris. Also common in modern-day crashes is the dropping of the heavy electrical cabling that’s housed above the passenger cabin… we just can’t go anywhere without our gizmos and the support systems that keep them running while in the air. Better to have it hit the top of the seats than your head.

          Granted, all of these things only increase your chances marginally, but when you’re dropping from the sky you take every advantage you can get.

          PS: Other tips – Sit as far back on the plane as possible, it’s the section most likely to remain intact. Assume that if you do crash, you’ll probably have broken ankles/legs (common injury) and will be temporarily blinded by jet fuel and/or smoke… so pay the fuck attention when the flight attendants tell you to locate the exits and count how many rows away you are. Lastly, in the event of a water landing, do NOT panic and inflate your life-vest until you’re outside of the plane. The exits might be submerged and the inflated vest will keep you from getting to them.

          TL;DR – I sure as hell would use the crash position.

    3. @persian That was the first thing I’d noticed too. I was about 12 when my pops told me that those lowered bars/bumpers are designed to keep people from getting their heads cut off. Just dont get behind one that doesn’t have one, or be very quick to that lever to lower your seat back just in case.

    4. Yes this is Brazilian Portuguese. It is the very same shit hole i was once aquainted with, even before hearing any audio i felt the familiar shiver down the spine. Here is a video of my favourite moments back in banana land. I pray for their souls poor family wiped out in one go. Unfortunately driving in Brazil is a fucking joke. Many drive like Aryton Senna and die like him.

    5. Those lower bumpers are never going to be able to save anyone who may be traveling more than 15 or 20 mph. Those lower bumpers (called ICC bars) simply do not have the tensile strength to stop the forward momentum of a car going any faster than that. Those ICC bars (which is what I think you are referring when you say “lower bumpers”) weren’t really even designed to prevent a speeding car from sliding up under the ass end of a trailer. They were really designed to allow newer loading docks something to “grab” on to to prevent someone from hooking up to the trailer and mistakenly driving off with it-potentially with someone inside the trailer, on a fork truck, for example.

  2. How many cubic inches of condo space does G-d have in Heaven to house every soul forever? Isn’t it cheaper to send them to hell for cremation? They’re just souls. Why should G-d begin caring about us specifically after we die?

          1. I think death is nothingness. The sheep need something to live for. Without the belief in something, they are nothing. I just live day by day. Zero fucks given on a daily basis.

      1. I normally keep quiet when it comes to commenting on others comments regarding God, but if I’m the Christian woman I think I am I have to say something. I’m not here to argue Gods existence with y’all. I love looking at gore, I love talking smack n cutting the fool with everyone I’ve met here. All I’m gonna say is God is real. My God is very, very real.

        1. Amen Gapeach, these people that are here blasphiming are a bunch of liberal idiots that think they know everything, but are very stupid!!! My God gives people free agency, and I pray to him to not be to harsh on these blind morons!!!

  3. I lost 3 friends in a similar accident,their car also went on fire … I often think about them ,I really hope they died on impact and not in the fire … That would be such a shitty way to go!

    1. Sorry to hear that man! Those Paul Walker deaths are the worst. You’re either knocked unconscious or too badly injured to escape the flames in time.
      Hopefully they didn’t feel a thing.

  4. Question: Why can’t Toyota open a web site addressing the rumors of some of their deficient models…..involved in deadly accidents??????…..
    Answer: the site keeps crashing….!!!!!!..

          1. Hahaha if i had a dick. Id have too much fun aiming at things to pee on to want to change myself. Plus this is kinda a man’s world. So I’d probably be better off anyway…

            But yes I have a completely and totally female pussy 🙂

  5. Damn… a friend of mine who is cop just told me the driver at this video is a inmate who escaped from prison, he stole this car and made the woman and her daughters “human shield” to escape police pursuit…

    it took place in the city of Queimados on Rio de Janeiro state…

    1. Oh hell, that info was like a punch in the gut! This wasn’t just a bam-goodbye-before-anyone-knew-what-was-happening, his ‘passengers’ spent who-knows-how-long in utter terror and Mom probably realized there was a good chance of death from the get-go. Shit.

  6. My friend, still stuck on meth and went through teen challenge, in Minnesota. Tells me I need to make a change in my life and follow Jesus. I watch gore, because it shows me the reality of life, the truth of life. Without truth, I am dead.

  7. Wow that’s fucked up.
    The guy in orange reminds me of steve martin in trains planes and automobiles where he has to peel his fingers out of the dashboard haha
    Its an all time classic that film i love it.

  8. This is fucking sad man. A whole family gone because of not paying proper attention while driving with your loved ones on board. If you want to drive like that,,, do it when you’re alone, FFS. 🙁

    1. I swear some bastards are never gonna listen as far as the road safety is concerned . Some of these odd types think wherever their car takes them they own the road .
      Family or no family you’ll find them paying scant regards .For them the gas paddle thrill is adrenalizing to their senses .

  9. Its easy forgetting your destination while in Brazil . Take the car out get your folks to board in and start talking to the winds as if there is no tomorrow .
    Then suddenly the moment freezes and all that’s left there ; is the wreck and the dead corpses .
    The picture has several self explicit angles to this ghastly accident . In all probability the driver on the wheels driving corolla was either too zapped ,drunk ,sleepy or was some speed merchant trying to enthrall kids in the back seat. Truck looks parked off the road and this guy seems to have rammed right in to its back at a breakneck speed enough to have the rear of the truck to cut through the car roof causing fatal injuries resulting in death.

    You don’t displease ? Do ya ??? ……………fuck this question is for ya BRAZIL . Answer the damn question
    @african-angel ..thanks for bringing in the content ,
    well its time I burped cause I have got my fill for the day.

  10. I noticed that they are on a dirt road, with the main paved road behind them. I wonder if they moved it off the paved road. How did they build enough speed after turning that corner to cause such destruction? What do you think?

  11. drive safe guys, take it from someone who has been in 2 cars accidents, they happen in matter of milliseconds , all one can do is close the eyes, crouch and wait for the collision.fook that why not just drive slow

  12. Why is the truck and embedded car off the road with no apparent skid marks in the gravel and weeds?

    In any civilized country firefighters or other rescuers would free and remove the corpses before pulling the wrecks apart and having the bodies banging around. Typical Third World armpit shit hole!

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